Holding On, but Letting Go

Raising children can be hard work.

Rewarding, hard work.

However, watching children grow up is also hard work.

Rewarding, hard work.

Over the years, parents live through the every-two-hour feedings, up-all-nights fevers, scare-the-crap-out-of-you-middle-of-the-night puking festivals, the first step, first fall, first tooth, first scraped knee, broken bones, bruises, cuts and stitches, boy/girlfriends, friends that come and go, etc., etc.

We trudge through our own mistakes, hoping with all our might that we get it right the next time only to have something else wrong instead. We love, we cry, we scream, we melt, we hold the hands of our younsters and soothe the broken hearts.

And we do it all over again with the next one.

We witness our children growing up, changing, improving, faultering, and keeping on.

We teach them to remain steadfast in their endeavors, but with open minds. We show by example everything we want our children to learn. We praise them for their good behaviors and reprimand their bad ones. We love them unconditionally and we accept who they are without prejudice.

We ever-so-slowly see them blossom into the people we banged our heads against the wall trying to make them into.

Our eyes light up with laughter and tears when we see them accomplish something they’ve been trying to accomplish. Our hearts break with each milestone they surpass because eventually, we know, they will no longer be the little people we spent our lives shaping, but adults making their own decisions, mistakes, and furthering their own lives. When this happens, well who knows because mine aren’t adults as of yet, but I am blessed to be there for all the triumphs and failures of my young ones and my teenagers.

I am blessed to see these little humans I carried within me for months grow into who they are becoming.

Last night, I watched my oldest walk with his girlfriend for Grand March.

Yes, his first prom!

My baby looked so handsome in his tux with his eyes glowing with the young love of a teenager. A few nights ago he texted me, “Mom, I really love her.” It melted my heart! He’s young yet and has a whole life ahead of him, but right now, I know that he means it.

These days are going so fast. And I am blessed to be his mom, to get to see it all.

The Lord has truly blessed me with all my children.

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