I Enjoy My Children

Whenever I get a chance to be on the computer, I do the same things everytime, the same routine. I have my favorite sights and my favorite blogs, besides mine of course.

I do the same things almost every time I get on. I don’t have much time to enjoy computer time, but I sneak it in at least once a day for a few minutes.

Here lately, I’ve been reading complaints about motherhood on some of my favorite blogs. I’ve been reading about parents that hate their kids, about how it’s okay to not always be happy with your kids, and just downing on motherhood, in my opinion.

I have come to the conclusion that I really feel sorry for the children of these parents as well as the parents themselves.

Now I totally get it. I have eight children! so I totally get the burnt-out feeling, the feelings of stress and anger and disappointment and the never-ending host of other negative feelings tied to motherhood.


I also understand the joys, the smiles, the laughter and the never-ending host of other positive feelings of motherhood.

However, I often wonder why these parents have children if they are that unhappy? Or if they really are that unhappy with their children to begin with?

I once was scolded at a custody court hearing for a post I had made on my FB page…something along the lines of:

“the kids are driving me crazy :)”. And that’s exactly how it read. My sons’ father was trying to use that to help him gain custody of our son. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous that the judge would take it to heart, but she didn’t. However, she did let me know that maybe I shouldn’t be posting such things over the internet.

So, I understand the feelings of parents referenced above.

But, after reading some of the things I’ve read, I realized even moreso how much I love my children and wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

Do I have bad days?

Most definitely.

Do I have days in which I want to ship my children to the nearest boot camp until they are eighteen?

Of course.

Do I have days in which I yell and scream and curse and cry and hate every minute of being a mother.

You best your ass I do.

But I also have the days in which the sounds of my children’s laughter puts me in a better mood and soon enough I am laughing with them.

I have days in which I can’t possibly give them enough hugs and kisses nor can I receive enough.

And I especially love the days when they are are playing so wonderfully together and if they aren’t then they are genuinely trying to work out their problems without adult interference.

But, I’ve always tried to see the brighter side of things. I try not to let the bad get me down because the good is so much better.

You see, my life has made me what I am, but being a mother is who I am.

And there’s nothing in the world better than that, besides maybe being a wife to someone who enjoys being a father just as much.

So parents, the next time you are feeling down on yourself or your children just look at their smiles. Look at the little nuances that make them who they are. Hold their grubby little hands, kiss the chubby little toes and tickle their bellies because soon enough, you will be past the little. They will be grown.

And you will want the little back.

I really do enjoy my life as a wife and mother Heart

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