Maybe, Just Maybe I’m Gettin’ It Right

The day started as normal as any other and proceeded on with that.

My alarm went off to signal the start of the day. I made myself a cup of coffee then woke the kids up. Although, we home school, I still have them get ready for the day most of the time rather than ‘attend’ school in our pj’s.

We ate breakfast, did our morning reading, and finished the school day without any hitches. They attended their public school classes and we completed our chores.

In the afternoon, I had to go to work and they had basketball practice. When I got home this evening, my husband had everyone fed and calmed down for the evening. I talked with the children, found out how their days went and they inquired about mine. During conversation with my 11 yo, he informed me he was writing me a letter. I told him I couldn’t wait to read it.

Soon enough it was time for girls’ bedtime. My hubby and I got them into bed and then I went over homework with my public school child. I got a little frustrated when I asked him about a paper with assignments written on it. He missed school the other day so I’m sure it’s make-up assignments, but when I asked him what they were he said ‘I don’t know.’

Just to be clear, I assumed the assignments were some make-ups assignments. When he couldn’t tell me what they were I got a little short with him. I explained to him that I don’t know what they are because there isn’t a note or anything. I believe since he’s the one that goes to school, then he should at least have an idea. He said he couldn’t tell me and I asked him if he doesn’t know then why didn’t he ask his teacher. Again, ‘I don’t know,’ was his response.

After that, my frustration was apparent. I told him to find out tomorrow from his teacher what the paper is for and what he needs to do. Without another word about it, I told him to get ready for bed and that I loved him.

Shortly after that, he brought me the letter he had been working on.

Boy, nothing like a nice sweet letter from your son to make you feel like a heel.

Sure do love these little buddies of mine bunches and bunches.

What started out as ordinary as any other day turned into something extraordinary. My kiddos really make my day Heart

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