Life in General

A Little Me Time

Well, the hubby and the kiddos are spending a night up town where I will meet them tomorrow.

My husband apparently told me about it this afternoon on the phone, but I didn’t hear him. I was a little surprised when I got home from work and he wasn’t here.

And, I was a little lonely for him and the kids.

But then, I was like ‘Yeah, I have some time to myself!’

So, I’ve just been doing what I don’t get a whole lot of time to do and that’s playing on the Internet.

My oldest son finally showed up after a bit and I chatted with him until he decided he was going to fall asleep on the couch which only took about 2 minutes after he sat down. He’s got a BIG day tomorrow….his girlfriend’s school prom. Of course, the falling asleep came after he sported his tux for me.

And boy, did he look handsome!

It’s so hard to see them grow up, but it’s such a blessing at the same time.

But, as every mom knows, in our hearts they will forever be our little boys ♥

So, you see how this works…..

I get time to myself and I still can’t shake the ‘mom’ thoughts.

Arghh, how does that work?

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