Daily Encourgement

I Am Extremely Blessed

Looking through pictures of mine today and reading FB posts on my FB feed, it seemingly sneaks up on me of all the trials beings faced in this world, my trials and the trials of the people I surround myself with.

Lots of happiness, but lots of sadness, too.

Lots of glory, but lots of pain as well.

And health. Just a couple of weeks ago, I literally choked on some tea after taking a drink and then laughing at something that was said to me. I almost spit my tea all over that person.

But, you know what happened?

Rather than spitting the tea out on my hubby, I tried to control the laughter and ended up choking on the tea.

And I. really. was. choking.

It was so dumb!

I actually passed out from choking. I collapsed and woke up to Luke calling my name and frantically speaking into the phone to 911.I was in the ER for three hours before they let me leave, against the PA’s better judgement! I remember up to the point of passing out and then waking up, which is a good sign. The hubby said I hit my head, but I didn’t have pain anywhere. In the ER, they ran all kinds of test and later the PA told me I was being combative, which is typical after passing out. I was so disoriented and only wanted to sleep.

But I came home and I am fine.

Last summer, my youngest daughter got hurt and was in the hospital overnight.

But she came home and healed. The memory is there. Constantly. But she is fine.

My husband got into an accident in a downpour one summer.

But he was not injured. The other person healed from injuries and is fine.

Anyway, I kind of got of track…..

Back to health……

I am always aware of the many blessings in my life, my children’s lives, but we can’t discount the trials that we suffer and endure. Trials make us stronger. Suffering makes us rely even more so on the Lord, at least it has for me.

Through life’s trials and sufferings, I appreciate God’s presence in this life and how blessed I am, how blessed each one of us is. He’s listening to our prayers, but first we have to go to Him.

You are blessed.

I am blessed.

We are all blessed.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. ♥





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