Life in General

2, 5, 10…It Doesn’t Matter

it never fails to amaze me when i hear ‘you must be so busy.’ or the most recent i’ve heard is ‘what do you do?” which i was dumbfounded by. my response was ‘well, umm, i take care of them.’ she then responded, ‘oh no all i mean is how do you do it with that many, i think it’s hard enough with three.’  Me: ‘okay well, i guess i participate in my life and the life of my children like anyone else, one day at a time.’

my days are busy cleaning, constant laundry, home-schooling, cooking, and interacting. I work a part-time evening job that I enjoy.  some days i feel like i get nothing accomplished and other days i’m like a whirlwind that doesn’t stop. i get so much accomplished on those days. however, the aforementioned days of nothing accomplished are more common. by the time i get through home-school, from 8/9 -12/1, i feel exhausted. with summer coming on, we get the itchies for being outdoors in the sunshine.
the only difference between my family and other families around me is the number of kids in my home. otherwise, everything basically runs the same. having eight kids is noisier, but i also have more helping hands, it may be hectic, but at the same time, it’s more rewarding. everything is more in our house: more love, more arguments, more smiles, more impatience, more giggling, hollering…..more, more more! in the chaos, we find what works for us. i am not much for schedules, but we’ve found what works for us.

in essence, i just want everyone to understand that we may have a large family, but our life is really not that different from smaller families. so, yes i thank you for your compliments to me as a mother, but i am not anymore special than the next mother. like you, i love my kids and want them to grow up to be happy healthy adults. they are my everything!


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