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New Orleans!

Coming up in July, my hubby and I will be visiting New Orleans where we will be attending a masquerade ball! I have absolutely no idea what to wear! Is it formal dress attire? Jeans and t-shirt? Shorts and tank top? Anybody have any idea? I am assuming it’s formal dress…..not entirely sure though. However, I have been looking at dresses because I am supper excited. Here’s a couple of ideas…..


Thoughts? Any and all would be appreciated.

3 thoughts on “New Orleans!”

  1. Semi formal is ok or formal, light wight dresses for the ladies and for this one, nice slacks, colorful dress type shirt, no tie and a light weight light colored coton jacket for the men. Of course masks all around, from the basic to the extravigant. Remenber this will be a sit down formal dinner with entertainment then a dance. Think New Orleans in July, Hot Hot Hot.


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