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Money and/or Happiness

Growing up, I remember hearing around me how evil money is, how it changes people.

And, honestly, we didn’t have money. I believe it’s fair to say that we we’re poor.

But, it’s fair to say that we were blessed as well. We didn’t have a lot of money, but we had one another. We had parents that loved us. We had friends that we could turn to. We had one another in times of suffering and times of joy.

The result of being poor: we appreciated people over things. Don’t get me wrong, we appreciated what we had because we didn’t have much, but we really appreciated the people we had in our lives.

So, how important is money?

Twenties on White
Twenty dollar bills isolated against white background.

For starters, you need it to live. It buys food, pays for clothing, puts gas in your car and pays for your utilities. It gives you the ability to engage in fun-filled activities and past-times such as sports, travel, and in my case, quilting. Money pays your mortgage, medical insurance, car insurance, and mortgage insurance. Money pays for EVERYTHING.

Again, how important is money?

According to the above listed needs, money is extremely important. You basically can’t survive without it.

But, is it really that important?

Does money provide happiness?

Again, if your happiness is dependent upon the above mentioned needs, then yes, it’s important.

However, when we think beyond our earthly existence……

then how important is money?

If you’re survival was based on kindness, fairness, integrity, love……. would money still be that important?

As it is, we need money in this life, but we’ve reached a point where it seems to be that money comes before kind acts. It seems people are so consumed with themselves over others. When did kindness become such as burden? Can money go with you when you leave this early world? Is what you’re buried in going to make a difference at the end of your life?

Just recently, my job required me to take a CPR class. I saw the sign-up sheet in the break room, but I didn’t sign up. Honestly, I was trying to avoid it. I get nervous in groups of people and with hands-on learning such as CPR, I get really nervous. I hee-hawed around. I ignored the sign-up sheet. Every time I noticed it, it stared right back at me, willing me to sign-up. Still, I ignored it. Once day, i get a text from my boss: “CPR training, such and such date at such and such time. You’ve been signed up. Be there at this time.” Okay, I guess I’m going to CPR training. The other day at work, I was talking with a co-worker about it and she didn’t take it that day because she was working during the training. And then she said, “Why should I take it, I don’t get paid any more for having it.”

And she’s right. We don’t get paid more for being CPR certified. However, since it is a medical facility, every employee – by state law – has to have some basic CPR skills (certification). Depending on one’s job in the facility, the more in-depth CPR skills have to be.

Okay, that story came out of nowhere, but what I’m focusing on is the aspect of money.

Do we get paid more for being CPR certified?


But, we have the ability to provide a service to another when/if needed.

And that is the ability to possibly save another’s life.

Now, would I take more money over that knowledge?


Personally, I am thankful that I was required to take the class.

Why? Because now the happiness (it didn’t cost me a dime, but I’m not earning a dime) I would feel at providing an act of selflessness means far more than any monetary benefit.

So, can money bring happiness?

Sure it can. Money can bring temporary happiness, but the money one has is never enough because eventually what you feel temporarily snuffs itself out and the need to have more supersedes what you currently have.

Again, how important is money?

Happiness will come in the form of kindness to others, not being judgmental, showing love to everyone all the time. Happiness comes from within your heart.

Hope you all have a blessed day ♥




A Little Heart 2 Heart

As I was looking for a notebook for one of my son’s tonight, I came across a card, some paint, and a paintbrush on one of the school desks.


When I read the card, I screamed for my husband.

And here’s why….

A few months ago, our family suffered a loss. I had a miscarriage two weeks after I found out I was pregnant.

We hadn’t told anyone about the pregnancy, but the day I miscarried (at about 5-6 weeks), I was crushed.

And I cried.

All day long.

I laid in my bed and cried.

And again the following day.

And the third day, but by this time, I was up and moving about.

It was a terrible experience for me. For us.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was sure that I didn’t want more children. I was quite taken aback by the pending arrival of another child. But as the days came and went, I started to get used to the idea. I started to feel excited about it. I started to see the baby as the blessing that he/she was. It’s amazing how hard of an experience that actually was. Losing something you didn’t really know you wanted is quite an eye-opener. And it taught me, once again, just how much one takes for granted in this life.

My husband and I chose to tell our children for a couple of reasons:

  1. Because mom was upset and they wanted to know why. They wanted to make sure I was okay and
  2. Because as hard as the loss was, the baby itself was a blessing. We wanted our children to know that loss as well. We would have celebrated a new baby together so my husband and I felt it was important to morn the loss of a child through miscarriage together.

Upon finding the card, my heart just melted and the tears started flowing. It brought back the memories of that short time ago. The memory of the loss, but also the memory of how we came together as a family. Our son that wrote the card is a very heart-felt child and it is such a blessing.

At about this time, he came around the corner and noticed I had the card. He said a couple of things. He was clearly embarrassed that I found the card, but then he noticed my tears. He put his head down. I could tell that he has started to cry as well. I simply held him. I told him I loved him and then we talked about the experience of that loss.

I wasn’t as much at a loss for words as I feared I would be. We talked about the baby and how the baby is now in heaven, a much better place than here. I explained to him that sometimes things happen in life that we don’t and probably will never understand, but that the baby is now in a more beautiful place where he/she will never know pain.

And we all want to get to heaven.

He felt much better after our heart to heart. In these moments when I witness my children  being tested, it strengthens my relationship with God. He does such awesome things in my life and these little people are sure signs of it.

And, once again, it took my breath away that…….

I am so blessed ♥

Love these little people entrusted in my care during this earthly life to the moon and back.


Daily Encourgement

I Am Extremely Blessed

Looking through pictures of mine today and reading FB posts on my FB feed, it seemingly sneaks up on me of all the trials beings faced in this world, my trials and the trials of the people I surround myself with.

Lots of happiness, but lots of sadness, too.

Lots of glory, but lots of pain as well.

And health. Just a couple of weeks ago, I literally choked on some tea after taking a drink and then laughing at something that was said to me. I almost spit my tea all over that person.

But, you know what happened?

Rather than spitting the tea out on my hubby, I tried to control the laughter and ended up choking on the tea.

And I. really. was. choking.

It was so dumb!

I actually passed out from choking. I collapsed and woke up to Luke calling my name and frantically speaking into the phone to 911.I was in the ER for three hours before they let me leave, against the PA’s better judgement! I remember up to the point of passing out and then waking up, which is a good sign. The hubby said I hit my head, but I didn’t have pain anywhere. In the ER, they ran all kinds of test and later the PA told me I was being combative, which is typical after passing out. I was so disoriented and only wanted to sleep.

But I came home and I am fine.

Last summer, my youngest daughter got hurt and was in the hospital overnight.

But she came home and healed. The memory is there. Constantly. But she is fine.

My husband got into an accident in a downpour one summer.

But he was not injured. The other person healed from injuries and is fine.

Anyway, I kind of got of track…..

Back to health……

I am always aware of the many blessings in my life, my children’s lives, but we can’t discount the trials that we suffer and endure. Trials make us stronger. Suffering makes us rely even more so on the Lord, at least it has for me.

Through life’s trials and sufferings, I appreciate God’s presence in this life and how blessed I am, how blessed each one of us is. He’s listening to our prayers, but first we have to go to Him.

You are blessed.

I am blessed.

We are all blessed.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. ♥





Life in General

My Top 10 List

We all have favorites. Favorite vacation spots. Favorite movies. Favorite songs. Favorite people. Favorite quotes. Favorite color/s.

And the list goes on.

And on…..

If you can think it, you probably have a favorite in that area.

The other day, I was chatting with my daughters ages 6, 3, 2. Their most popular phrases these days include:

  • Are you serious?
  • She did it!…..which tends to be a popular response to 90% of children under the age of….I don’t know….10 maybe.
  • That’s not fair!
  • Oh, mom, that’s my favorite……which technically ends up being most everything that they talk about.

So, starting there: let’s visit my favorites, which like a child, are many. I am a happy person by nature, but I am ruled by my emotions, so my favorites may change with the tide. As for now, my favs include:

  • Movie: The Notebook – when it comes to movies, this is at the very tip-top of my list.
  • Place to Eat: Red Lobster – again, my mind changes with the tide so this one changes depending on my mood I guess
  • Country Artist – male/female: Absolutely anything George Strait (male country) or Miranda Lambert (female country)
  • Vacation: anywhere there’s a beach!
  • Hobby: photography OR quilting
  • Season: Summer!
  • Holiday: 4th of July
  • TV Show: Chicago Fire
  • Activity with the family: exploring

and last but not least

  • Quote: “Be your own kind of beautiful.” It’s such a favorite I have it tattooed on my left forearm. It’s self-explanatory and quite simple. Be exactly who you are without worrying about what other people think of you. It’s not their opinion that matters.



Prom # 2

And today, we have prom #2. My son is, as we speak, getting ready for prom this morning. He will be attending the prom where his girlfriend goes to school. The last prom was exciting – it was his first- and everyone looked amazing. I am excited for the Grand March tonight. I will be taking lots of pictures.

As I always say, it is such a sad moment to see them grow up, but it’s a blessing as well as many parents have not had that chance with their own children. I thank God every day that I get to.

Anyway, I better get ready to go as well.

d and h


Life in General

A Little Me Time

Well, the hubby and the kiddos are spending a night up town where I will meet them tomorrow.

My husband apparently told me about it this afternoon on the phone, but I didn’t hear him. I was a little surprised when I got home from work and he wasn’t here.

And, I was a little lonely for him and the kids.

But then, I was like ‘Yeah, I have some time to myself!’

So, I’ve just been doing what I don’t get a whole lot of time to do and that’s playing on the Internet.

My oldest son finally showed up after a bit and I chatted with him until he decided he was going to fall asleep on the couch which only took about 2 minutes after he sat down. He’s got a BIG day tomorrow….his girlfriend’s school prom. Of course, the falling asleep came after he sported his tux for me.

And boy, did he look handsome!

It’s so hard to see them grow up, but it’s such a blessing at the same time.

But, as every mom knows, in our hearts they will forever be our little boys ♥

So, you see how this works…..

I get time to myself and I still can’t shake the ‘mom’ thoughts.

Arghh, how does that work?