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A Hidden Lesson

If you’ve been reading any of my posts then you know the kids are trying to utilize more of our time helping others. Lots of different things have gone through our minds. Our most recent endeavor was getting involved with March for Dimes: March for Babies which I have since discovered some things that I do not agree with where that organization is concerned so will offer no more of my support to them. However, I will complete what I’ve already committed myself to which is a walk this Saturday. I am half-tempted to say forget and return everyone’s money that contributed, but that would be wrong of me.

Today, I spent some ‘just us girls’ time with my little gals. We walked about a mile and a half around town and picked up litter. It didn’t start out that way. We started out as just a walk, but then my oldest daughter picked up a piece of litter. I told her good job which encouraged her to pick up more. And before you know, my other two joined her. We came upon a dumpster where we deposited the collected trash and then stopped at the grocery store for a grocery bag so we could continue to pick up trash along the way.


My hubby and I have been talking repeatedly about helping others, giving back. Today, was a great day. We don’t have to say much to our kids to get them involved other than just encourage them.

With summer upon us, it seems children might be completely beside themselves with boredom after a few weeks. Here’s a few ways to keep them involved and boredom free:

  1. take a ‘Litter Pick-up Walk’
  2. Make treats for an elderly care center
  3. offer to walk someone’s pet (permission of parents and animal owner required!)
  4. put together care packages for children in hospitals (card games, colors, color books, activity books, etc., etc)
  5. donate books kids have outgrown to local medical practice or dental office
  6. offer yard care services (mowing, raking, weeding, etc) to elderly in the neighborhood
  7. host a reading night in which kids can gather to read stories to one another (provide a snack as well).

These are all activities that can be done as a family or individually, with a parents help. However, the goal of each activity is to teach children compassion, love for others, responsibility, team work, and understanding that their actions (good and bad) does impact others.

Now, go on. Get out there and get involved 🙂


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