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Broken Heart

For a while now, I have been wanting to do something helpful, to give back… give in some way to show appreciation to God for all the blessings he has bestowed upon my family as well as just live a life according to His will.

To do that, not too long ago, I decided the kids and I would take part in a March for Dimes: March for Babies walk. It’s one of the ways that we could give back. I chose this particular organization because I am a sucker for babies and I gave birth by emergency c-section to my twins born 6 weeks early. Their lungs were not developed so they were in incubators for 3 weeks, had to have oxygen, and feeding tubes. The whole process was hard for our family because not only did I not get to bring my new babies home, but I also had 3 other children at home that needed to be cared for. Therefore, I couldn’t sit at the hospital with them all the time.

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First off, I’d like to thank everyone that donated to the cause. However, I have some bad news.

Rather than researching when I first decided to do this, I trusted what a BIG name they are. I mean, who hasn’t heard of March for Dimes.

Well, I will tell you this blind trust I had surely kicked me in the rear-end. After some after-the-fact research, I found out that March for Dimes not only raises funds to help with research and prevention for premature babies, they also SUPPORT abortion which as everyone knows is the killing of unborn babies. They have definitely lost any future support that may have had from me and my family. I absolutely refuse to take part in any more walks for this organization.

Through word of mouth from neighbors, I also found that only a small percentage of each donated dollar goes toward the research, prevention, and care of pregnant mothers. For a non-profit organization, most of the money goes toward the people running the show. It’s a sad, dishonest, but LEGAL way to obtain funds aimed at making the lives of some people better. This may not be as accurate, but it’s no less appalling than the fact that they support abortion.

Either way, I will no longer be supporting this organization.

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