Being a Mom


Being a mother is one of the most important accomplishments of my life.

Any one who knows me, knows that I love being a mom.

I enjoy the the loves, the giggles, the laughers, the smiles, the snuggles.

I enjoy, maybe a little less, the cries, the arguments, the sticky fingers, the lived-in look of my house.

I enjoy the needy moments, the no-so-needy moments, the tantrums, and the squeals of delight.

We all have bad days, including children.

I love to watch them become who they are, when they voice their opinions, when they debate issues that are important to them, and their stubborn tendencies.

I have learned so much being a mom. Having children as young as I did allowed for growth in a more selfless manner.

So, here’s to my children:

  1. I appreciate how having all of them taught me how to give. Being a mother requires a selfless kind of love.
  2. I appreciate the light they have brought into my life. Their quick responses to everything, their questions, their perceptions have shown me how to look at the world in more positive way.
  3. I appreciate that they keep me on my toes. There’s never a dull moment in our home. For that I am thankful.
  4. I appreciate their innocence, their sweetness, the fact that they can be so angry at me one minute and the very next, they are giving loves.
  5. They are silly and cute and unpredictable and ornery all wrapped into a neat little package. They inspire me to be a better mom.
  6. I appreciate they way they show the world through their eyes.
  7. I appreciate the way they loved, time after time after time (any and everybody). Maybe we should be more like them!
  8. I appreciate when they hold my hand.
  9. I appreciate that they made me a mother.

Kids add a whole new perspective to life and as a parent, I appreciate what they’ve taught me.

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