One More Thing


Most of the time, I like to keep things fair as a wife, not fair for myself, but fair for my husband. 

Because it seems so many times that men get the blame for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G that goes wrong in the family life.

Because the husband is doing this or doing that.

Couple gets a divorce, it’s the husband’s fault.

Children aren’t behaving, it’s because the husband isn’t around enough.

There’s not enough money in the house, it’s because the husband isn’t working enough.

The car don’t work, it’s the husband’s fault for not fixing it.

Women don’t feel worthy, it’s because the man is cheating or lying or playing games, etc. etc. etc.

I see it all the time. Men get blamed for everything and women are accountable for nothing. 

So, I usually try to be fair to my husband.

I believe a man has a role and a woman has a role. I am not one of these women who cry equal rights, but then expect to be treated like a lady.

I AM a woman that believes the man is head of household and woman is to be submissive. 


Submissive you say?

Hold on, though, I didn’t say I believe a woman should be at the beck and call of her husband kind of submissive. Submissive in the fact that man loves his wife as God loves His church. Therefore, submitting to my husband allows him to lead our home, but also to do what God has asked. 

Does this mean I will always agree with everything he does?

No, most certainly it does not. I don’t always agree with him, but I trust in him and I trust in the Lord.

Does this make me less than him? Beneath him?

Again, most certainly it does not. We are all human. God created us all from love. It is our own selfish actions that have led us to where we are. Remember, Eve ate the apple and encouraged Adam to do the same.

But, today, I don’t want to be fair. 

I am going to vent….

Marriage is hard.

Sometimes, it’s easier to just say I’m done.

I know in my heart that I am SO. NOT. DONE.

But, dammit, I want to say it.

When my husband and I disagree, some can become very heated.

With growing older comes the realization that I just don’t want to fight anymore.

Sometimes, I just want to say I’m done with this.

Even though the words are empty, they can still be hurtful. They can still lead to distrust.

So, in times I want to say I’m done, I have to look inside my heart and remember why we are together. I cannot pretend to know God’s plan for us, but we are together for a reason. God created each of us in His image and He is LOVE. He also created us with Free Will, which means we use the mind in ways that He does not agree with. 

But He will never turn His back on us.

Quite the opposite, we turn our backs on Him.

And with our Free Will, we make decisions that aren’t always right. Only God knows how each and every life will end. He knows every outcome of every possible decision. Therefore, I give Him thanks for bringing my hubby into my life. 

Again, in times when I want to give up, I have to look inside my heart. And it’s there I shall find love again.

I am pretty certain, God will be with me and I will continue to not be done.

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