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Professionalism, Respect & Common Courtesy

Everyone knows my family participated in a March for Dimes walk. Participation included collecting donations or sponsors to help raise money for the cause. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until after the fact that March of Dimes also supports Planned Parenthood and abortion. Upon finding that little tidbit of information out, I decided I will no longer participate in their cause.

But, that’s beside the point, just a little background information.

This point, however, does not actually center on the cause itself, but on the fundraising effort, more specifically, one fundraising effort.

But, before I move on to that, I’d like to point out that some people have a really hard time talking to others. Me, for instance! People make me nervous. I try to blend in as much as possible anywhere, at least until I am comfortable. I guess you could describe it as somewhat of a survival technique for socially incompetent people, such as myself, –a trait that I am working on.

For this reason as well as the lack of common courtesy, I find the following, ummm, situation –for lack of a better word– to be unprofessional, disrespectful, discouraging, and just plain rude.

A few days after I decided to participate in the March for Dimes walk, I approached my employer (the CFO of the facility), if the company would be willing to donate anything. Initially, I asked for $200, but I was told that the company wouldn’t be able to give that amount. Okay. As it went, we didn’t really settle on an amount at that time. The CFO informed me that he would speak with the CEO of the company and he’d (CFO) get back to me.

Well, days went by. A couple of weeks went by. And over the course of this time, since we work in the same facility, I’d cross paths with him and so on.

Sadly, and unprofessionally on his part, I never received an answer.

He’s a CFO for crying out loud!

I work in a hospital, more specifically, the kitchen in a hospital. I get that I am probably one of the lowest paid job titles in the place, but I still believe it’s to his benefit to act in a professional manner especially beings his job title commands such respect from the employees of the facility.

Is it really that hard to show some professionalism and respect to other employees of the same facility, even the lowest paid employees?

Would he have shown that same lack of respect and un-professionalism to a fundraiser participant walking in off the street?

I can understand that the facility chose not to sponsor/donate. I can understand that the facility “doesn’t normally get involved in personal donations” according to the CFO of the place, but is it an unrealistic expectation for an individual with such a professional job title as his to keep his word, to get back to a person?

How does a company expect to build a team and promote teamwork if said company can’t even give a response in a timely manner?

It’s just common courtesy, wouldn’t you think?



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