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Happy Mother’s Day

2016-05-08 09.10.46

What is it that women want on Mother’s Day?

A clean house?

To sleep in?

Just to be free of all motherly responsibilities for the day?

Not me.

All I really want on Mother’s Day is…

  • some appreciation from my children for what I do as a mother to keep our home together.
  • for their active involvement in keeping our home together.
  • for them to treat one another with love, respect, and kindness.
  • to watch them play and laugh, to have conversation full of love rather than argue and disagree.

I simply want to enjoy my children and my husband because, as a mother, that’s what is important to me.

Today is not a day to bask in our own selfish wants for a day because we are mtoerhs. It’s a day to celebrate that much more the blessing of motherhood and teaching our children the importance of that role. It’s about pulling together as a family unit to glorify the role we play in this earthly existence so mother’s go for a walk with your children. Children shower your mothers with love. Everyone give words of encouragement and  make committing acts of kindness toward one another a priority for this special day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers in the world. I hope you all have a blessed day. ♥




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