So, the other day my husband  and I only had 2 out of 8 kids home with us. The rest were either camping or with friends.

My bright idea was to take the two we had with us, which happened to be the youngest two ages 2 and 3, to the ZOO.

What kid doesn’t like the zoo?!?


Before we even left the house, these two were fighting!


Oh yes! Yes, they do look all sweet and innocent, but don’t let their gorgeous brown eyes fool you! They are like whirlwinds!

All the way to town, 60 miles = an hour drive, we had to listen to them fight.

Fight over who’s foot is where in the back seat.

‘She’s touching my carseat!’

‘She’s got her hand in the middle of the seat. Move itttt!”

‘Sheee tooookkk myyyy shoeeeee!’

And on and on and on it went.

They are both little spitfires so it doesn’t take much to get them going.

Once arriving at the zoo, we paid the entrance fee and off they went.

We came upon those boxes of feed that you can buy, 25¢ or something like that, along the route and the hubby decided to buy some.


Of course, she had to try to feed




Even the ones you aren’t supposed to feed.

And what happens when you tell her she can’t?

She has a complete, screaming-at-the-top-of-your-lungs meltdown right their in front of whoever happens to be standing within distance.

So, we try to console her, our efforts in vain of course because she doesn’t stop until and only when, she’s ready! Could be 2 minutes or it could be 5.

Isn’t it just the most comfortable feeling in the world when you have the world looking at you like you just beat your kid. In the middle of a zoo for crying out loud!

Who beats their kids?

In the middle of a zoo no less!?!

We get through that bout of hysteria and continue walking the route.

Only to get to the next complete and utter meltdown because….because why?

Because she ran out of freaking food to feed the animals!

So the screaming starts all over again!

It doesn’t last long because she finally wears dad down enough so he gives her a quarter to buy another handful.

And what happens then?

We don’t pass any more of the those damn food bins!

Meanwhile, my youngest little gal, also full of spit and vinegar, but has yet to have a meltdown, is enjoying the animals, more specifically, the goats.

Thankfully, no more melt downs for the older one. I just kept reassuring her when we get to the next food bin she can get more.

Getting closer to the end of the route, they notice the park and were hellbent on playing so those darn food bins were forgotten and they shot off like rockets to get to the playground.

I gave them a time limit to play because we had other errands.

Next time, grocery store.

Upon exiting the vehicle, we realize my oldest only has one shoe.

One shoe!

What could possibly have happened to the other shoe?!?

Umm, DAISYYYY, did you throw the shoe out the window?


Deafening, cat-got-her-tongue silence.

Now to buy more shoes because she can run around without shoes!

And of course, if one gets shoes, the other needs shoes or what happens?

You guessed it!

Full blown melt-down by child #2

Okay, shoes and groceries bought.

Now to find the missing shoe…..

which ended up being in the parking lot of the zoo!

Enough is enough!

It’s time to go home.

All in all, it was an okay day. Despite the meltdowns and the tears and the arguments, we had fun. I always enjoy outings with the kids after it’s all said and done.

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