Reality check

Thank you for this post. It definitely was something that I needed to read to remind myself 🙂


Reality check on love
I am loving. I believe I am.
But then I have my moments when I’m offended. I still think I’m loving, I am just choosing to hold my love till I feel safe.
That seems ok, even logical.
The other day, I read 1 Corinthians 13. Again. You know, the love chapter. I know that scripture inside and out. In fact I memorized it when I was about 10. But I was reading it to see if he lined up with the Word.
Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and asked me, “are you love?”. My initial response was, of course! I am a loving person. But as I read it again, slowly and outloud, I felt that conviction that doesn’t push me away, but draws me close. That conviction brought me to my knees and now this is how I read that passage:

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