Life in General


Being healthy involves more than just being sick/disease free. It includes our mental health, emotional health, and physical health. It includes our soul as well.

I can honestly say that my family has been graced with good physical, mental, and emotional health since birth. None of us have ever had worse than your run-of-the-mill sicknesses. The only one to have chicken pox in our family of 12 was my husband as a child. We’ve dealt with scrapes and bruises, a couple of broken bones, stitches, concussions, and one c-section.

Other than giving birth, we’ve only had one overnight stay in the hospital. My youngest fell off a tractor and broke her collar bones. They kept her overnight to monitor her.

However, a health that many people often forego or avoid is the health of our souls. My family and I work on the health of our souls daily. We believe that God is in control all around us and we are learning what we need to do in order to maintain a close walk with Him, to trust in Him, to live a life that He deems worthy. As I said, it’a daily walk that requires daily nourishment such as scripture reading, daily prayer, and self-reflection.

As young children, we don’t often think of health unless something detrimental is happening in our lives such as oneself getting a major sickness or someone we care about getting a major sickness. Therefore, much of the time, health gets taken for granted. As adults, we hear about the sicknesses of others: cancer seems to be the most popular, but also heart disease and diabetes to name a few. These types of health problems can’t happen to us, seems to be the most common thought process among many thousands of people around the world.

However, what if it would happen to you? What would you do? How would you handle such devastating news? How would you tell your family? What kind of plan would you put into place after receiving the news? Would you create living will? An after life will? Have you or will you sign a DNR or do not resuscitate form? Does your family have any kind of plan in case of a major health concern arises?

For instance, before I met my husband, he was involved in a work place injury accident. Yes, all his medical bills were paid for by Worker’s Comp. However, the physical wounds may have been covered, but the mental and emotional anguish he suffered after the accident left him at a loss. He was feeling all sorts of emotions from depression to anger afterwards. It’s not my goal to rehash what happened to him because that was before I met him. Through stories from him and just others in general that have had to deal with a life-changing event such as that, I have learned that these emotions are real. The emotions are raw and sometimes one doesn’t know what to do with them. He has since healed in body, mind, and spirit, but it took a long time. He still struggles with the after-affects.

My point is: something drastic happened to him and he had to find a way to deal with it. He wasn’t prepared for it, for the cost in every part of his life, not just his finances. When something like this affects the health of our body, our mind, our soul, we have to find a way to deal with it, to make a conscious choice to either let it define who we are or use it as a chance to improve ourselves in some way. After the accident, he has accomplished so much in regard to emotional growth and belief in himself.

Health is an important facet of life that we often take for granted. We don’t eat properly, we don’t exercise enough, we don’t get enough sleep or we get too much. But, most of all, I believe people try to control so much themselves and take our Savior out of the picture that life is much worse than it would be if we trusted God more than we trusted ourselves.

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