Life in General

I write because……

A very good question or statement, depending on how you look at it.

Why do I write? Do I have a lot to say? Do I have pertinent information that needs to be shared? Am I trying to teach someone thing through a tutorial of some sort? Am I informing? Persuading? Sharing? Keeping a diary? Am I bored? Aggravated? Excited?

The truth is….

I don’t know why I write.

Do I even find it enjoyable?


It is a task that I absolutely must complete?

Probably not.

Am I meeting a deadline?

Nope, not at this time, maybe never.

So why?

Why write?

Let’s look at some history…..

I have kept journals on and off over the course of my life. Nothing that’s ever been consistent. You know, I would record an extremely bad day in a journal, promising to write it in everyday. I’d keep this promise to myself for a few days, maybe a week, but then I would misplace the journal or I’d forget about writing in it every day. Then there’s the ever popular excuse…I just didn’t have time today. Either way, no matter which excuse I mustered up, the end result would be the same, a 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 completed notebook of journaling. As of now, I have 3 or 4 journals tucked away in a bedside cabinet in my room just from the years I’ve been with my husband. I have a few from before I met my husband as well. I also have tons of journal entries saved on my computer, for myself, for each of my kids, and for my husband. If you noticed, I said for. Yes, each of these special people in my life will get some kind of memoir from me in their lifetime, probably upon my death.


I’ve also written poems, I’ve started a cookbook, and even a romantic novel that I had self-published, but no further than that. It’s not sitting on any bookstore shelves to be sold, but I have it tucked into my personal collection of books with a cover and everything. I was quite proud of myself 🙂

However, I still haven’t answered the question of why I write……

So, why do I write?

A very good question with absolutely no answer other than…

because I can.

Sometimes I enjoy it. Sometimes, it feels like a chore.

As for this blog, I guess you could say I started it as a diary of some sort. I write it for my on peace of mind. I write it because it gives me a place where I can vent, brag, whine even without having a face-to-face verbal match with someone that doesn’t understand, care, empathize, or someone that disagrees with my stance on the subject matter. I have never had good verbal skills. I am actually a very shy person who gets caught off guard and uncomfortable. This has gotten better as I’ve gotten older, but it’s still in me.

But now I write in hopes that maybe the funnies, the tears, the angry moments in our home, in my life, can help or encourage someone else. Maybe, in some small way, I am contributing to a better world, a world in which love and kindness exceeds hate and lack of kindness.

Now I write in hopes of encouraging anyone that stumbles upon my blog by accident or someone who decided to follow me. Either way, I hope my blog is used for encouragement. I hope it makes someone’s day.


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