Life in General

The Beach

As far back as I can remember, one thing that I wanted to do more than anything else was to see the ocean, a beach.

Sadly, that didn’t happen for the first time until I was 30 years old. And finally, finally!, my eyes rested on the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. My feet dug into the hottest, whitest sand I had ever stood on. The roaring waves crashed against my body while the salty taste of the sea dripped down my face onto my lips.

My daughter and I, for her first birthday, were spoiled by my husband when he bought her and I round-trip airfare to visit my sister in sunny Pensacola Beach, Florida. On our trip, she was able to take some time off from her job to spend with us. However, the first few days I was there, she had to work. I waited for her time off before going to the beach because, obviously, I wanted her company. She was the reason I was there to begin with.

On the day that we made plans to go to the beach, we awoke early in the morning in order to get ready. I’m not sure about how anyone else goes to the beach, but it was an all day affair for us. We packed everything under the sun that we would need for this very special occasion and that included food to grill, snacks for the kids, and lots of Dr. Pepper. Upon our arrival, I could hardly get out of the vehicle quick enough. We picked a nice little shelter just on the edge of Pensacola Beach right on the main road. I can’t even tell you where it’s at because I am hopeless when it comes to directions of descriptions of location. Gathering my daughter and helping unload our supplies for the day, I walked eagerly to the sand. However, I was a bit dismayed because it was overcast and gray. I was bummed. My sister and brother-in-law kept telling me, “It will be okay. It’s not going to rain. The sun will come out!”

I remember standing at the edge of the water completely awed by the spectacular portrait that God had painted for the world, each and every one of us, to enjoy. The water, the sand, the blue sky, the birds…all of it. Just spectacular! Amazing!

Guess what? It did get sunny. And hot! I live up north, but originally, I am from the south. Sunny, hot weather pleases me to no end. And the excitement I felt being at the beach that day ripples through me any time I am reminiscing. It’s like I’m there all over again.

If you’ve ever heard the saying, ‘like a child in a candy store’, well that about sums me up during that mini-vacation. It was an awesome experience, one that everyone should add to their bucket list. If given the chance, I’d have a beach-front home complete with a balcony overlooking the ocean and my own private pier.

Ahh, it’s not heaven, but it’s got to be pretty darn close!



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