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A List of Things

Today is the day I get to write about me, everything about me. As easy as it sounds, it’s really not. It makes me really think about who I am, what I stand for, what I want….you know, all the things that make me who I am.

Yes, it’s easy to say that we know ourselves. And, some people really do. However, I am not one of those people. I haven’t done so much self-reflection that I really know what makes me tick. I can give you the generals (name, likes/dislikes, dreams, pet peeves, etc.), but to delve into really who I am I haven’t spent a lot of time doing.

I guess now is as good of a time as any to start.

So here goes it…….Who am I?

Things I like

  1. to sleep with a fan every night, it’s almost impossible for me to sleep without one
  2. hot days spent at the lake (I prefer the ocean somewhere but don’t live near one)
  3. reading. I love to get lost in a romantic story about love, heartache and renewal just as much as I like to read about Faith in God
  4. Dr. Pepper. I think I drink about 4 of these a day. I know, shame on me, but they are my vice.
  5. God and watching my children growing and learning in/about God.
  6. traveling. No we don’t have a lot of money and don’t get to travel much, but I’ve appreciated the traveling we been able to do and hope to do more in the future.
  7. the smell of springtime…the fresh flowers, the smell of rain, and the smell of fresh-cut grass.
  8. celebrations of life: backyard BBQs, birthday parties, and family gatherings. to me, celebrating that we are here, now, is reason enough to get friends, strangers and family together for a meal, laughter, and camaraderie.
  9. to witness people succeed at something: graduation, learning to ride a bike, a slight change in maturity….whatever it is, I like to see people succeed
  10. little notes from my husband
  11. squeals, laughter, and lots of hugs from my kids
  12. quiet time to myself

Things I’ve learned

  1. everyone is different. we can’t force another to believe what we believe, feel what we feel, think how we think, etc. etc. We can accept who they are in the midst of the difference.
  2. i am deathly afraid of the dentist! I will let all my teeth fall out before I go to one.
  3. i am scared of spiders and snakes, but I like to look at them.
  4. God loves us no matter what, but others don’t and you can’t make them.
  5. trust is an important part of any relationship. once broken, it’s hard to mend
  6. to forgive always. forgiveness helps the individual live a fuller life unencumbered by hate. anger only affects the individual carrying it. it does nothing to the other person.
  7. when you wrong someone, apologize without excuse. through many apologies from others in my life hearing the excuse, in my opinion, after the apology implies less than an apology. if you’re wring say you’re wrong. period. no excuses necessary
  8. that every action has a reaction. it doesn’t make it right. it doesn’t make it wrong. it just the way it is. however, our actions and reactions are justified by only what we believe about and through God. For instance, if someone you love is murdered and you decide to take that into your own hands, you are committing just as much a sin as the one that murdered the person you love. Acts of love and acts of hate are what separate people.
  9. change begins with each one of us. as the say, be the change you want to see.
  10. miracles do happen. we have to make each moment count
  11. i don’t know everything and neither do you. nobody does.
  12. people will push you further than you think possible. the end result is in your hands. there’s too much blame and not enough responsibility being taught.

Things I wish

  1. a wholesome religious life for all of my children. if they go to God with everything, their lives will be so much fuller
  2. that i lived on the beach somewhere tropical
  3. warmer weather
  4. for better relationships with some of the people in my life
  5. to be debt-free
  6. healing for all the children of ill-health
  7. my grandma lived closer
  8. that i could write a book people wanted to buy
  9. i had a friend many years ago that i miss terribly and would love to get together with and keep our friendship alive. busy lives with good intentions have gotten in the way
  10. to finish something i start within a reasonable time frame (it can take months for me to finish a project due to lack of time)
  11. longer summers
  12. that I could stay home again and not have to work

Things I’m good at ( this one is a little hard for me. i know what I do, but who am I to say that I’m good at it?)

  1. talking to my kids. i learn all kinds of things just through conversation with them. not only conversing with idle chit-chat, but also helping them through the problems in life
  2. reading. this one i say because some people have a hard time reading and understand. however, i am pretty good at reading, but maybe not always understanding what i read
  3. quilting. this is a hobby my mother-in-law taught me. i love to do it, but don’t have a lot of time for it.
  4. creative activities with the kids
  5. sitting idly on the computer for hours (if given a chance. with the kids I don’t get to very often)
  6. i’m a good listener, but only when i don’t like i’m being attacked
  7. making the best chicken alfredo in the world 🙂
  8. staying positive
  9. making every moment count (see #10 Things I’ve Learned)
  10. keeping memories (photos galore, journals hidden everywhere, baby books, keepsakes, scrapbooks, etc)
  11. working with others (no complaining, steady working, etc)
  12. being a wife.


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