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Southern Girl @ Heart

“Song, song of the south…..sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth…..”

“That’s what I love about the south….”

Now, here’s the thing about the south…south is a direction, being southern is a way of life.

Many moons ago, 24 yrs to be exact, I moved to a cold, desolate place with hardly any trees from a highly populated state with lots and lots of trees, red dirt, and rainy winters rather than winters that have 3+ feet of snow each year. As far as the eye can see in this densely populated state is flat crop land. It’s a beautiful place in the summer, but the winters are absolutely unbearable to me.

Where I come from, hey y’all is a completely normal, in fact it’s expected, greeting. There are two things to drink, Dr. Pepper and sweet tea. What we did for fun was chase lightening bugs, go swimming in the creek, ran bare-feet all summer long. Eating grits and corn bread for supper is perfectly acceptable. Everything else is pretty much fried.

We lived in what people call the backwoods where we hardly ever seen the neighbors, went cat fishing in the river where dad set trot-lines to catch a mass of them at a time. We heated our water on the wood heater for the bathtub on cold days and on the hot days (which were aplenty) we showered with the water hose. We didn’t have to worry about peeping toms or anything like that because, like I said, we were in the backwoods.We didn’t talk back to our parents and we played in play clothes rather than school clothes.

And friendly! People are so friendly in the south. Trust me, you don’t meet a stranger. Everyone you run into is a friend.

And sadly, I’ve been in the north way longer than I was in the south, but I will always have the heart of a southern girl. I faithfully say ‘yall’ all the time, dr. pepper is my drink of choice, I enjoy some fried chicken with homemade gravy and masked potatoes. And I go barefoot any chance I get.

Oh, how I miss the south.

3 thoughts on “Southern Girl @ Heart”

  1. Love this, and I’m a Southern girl right along with you! I’m sorry you’ve been away from the South way too long, but I’m glad to hear you still hold it close to your heart. Hope you’re able to get back home one day soon! 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I miss it terribly! My husband and all 8 of my children were born in North Dakota where I have resided since my family moved from the south. A few summers ago, he and I along with our children took a vacation down home and I didn’t want to leave! My husband enjoyed it just as much and even said he wouldn’t mind living down there. I always say I will one day go back to stay.

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      1. Oh, I love North Dakota and the whole area of the West! Many, many years ago, when I was a junior in HS, my family and I took a vacation to Colorado and Wyoming, mostly staying in Yellowstone Nat’l Park, but on our way home, we stopped in the Badlands, ND. My husband and I have even contemplated going out West this summer, and we may still do it; however, we’ve had serious hesitations driving with our 2 boys (10 & 14) all that way and back! lol. 😉 We are determined to make the trip one day! 🙂

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