Daily Encourgement, Life in General


zephaniah 3 17

Most everyone has hope pouring out of them.

Hope for a better tomorrow.

Hope for a sick one to get healed.

Hope for a sunny day.

As a child, I hoped during my 9th grade year, that we wouldn’t move again.

With each pregnancy, I hoped that each one would go smoothly and my children would be born healthy.

Last summer, when my daughter fell in the water and later in the summer fell off the tractor, I hoped she was okay. I prayed that she was okay. Other than being a little shaken up and a small fracture in her collar bone, she was fine.

Hope is a feeling that we get when we want something to end on a positive note, but that is otherwise uncontrolled by us.

These days my hopes are a little different.

hope my children grow up to have a deep understanding of God and that they continue to praise Him because He is the only reason they are here.

I hope that my husband can find peace in this life and stop worrying so much.

I hope that my parents live to a ripe old age, maintaining a good state of health, and when their times does come, that they have peace.

I hope my sisters and their families turn their lives over to the Lord and fulfill what God has in store for them.

I hope these same things for my husbands family. I hope that each person in his family will fully trust God and thank Him for all their blessings.

I hope God will use me every day to spread His word, His goodness, His kindness…use me to spread everything that He is.

I hope for peace in the world.

But mostly, I hope that God has mercy on us all.

Hope is in everything that we do.

But, we have to do our part as well. For God to answer our hopes and prayers, we first have to turn to God with our hopes and prayers. We also have to remember that sometimes the unanswered prayers or hopes are exactly what we need. We have to learn to hear God speaking to us, but we also must trust in God.

hope y’all have a wonderful, hope-filled day.

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