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Talking to God

man in church

Have you ever sat quietly, by yourself, in a church?

I have and there’s nothing in the world quite like the serenity. The peace. That little space of time in which you can pour your heart out to Him and feel an inescapable source of peace.

After a long, tiring day of just living life and then an argument in the evening with my husband a long while back, I grabbed my keys, climbed in my vehicle and just drove. I had no destination in mind, but ended up at our church. I slowly walked up the steps to the landing, tugged on the heavy glass doors and quietly, respectfully entered the most sacred place in my world, God’s house. Walking into the chapel, I showed my respect by taking a knee and making the sign of the cross. Automatically, as we do most Wednesdays and every Sunday, my feet carried me to the front of the chapel to our seats (no, we don’t have assigned seating, but my husband and I have learned that we get more out of the service if we sit in the front and it keeps the kids attention best).

I sat for a moment in silence without a twitch, letting the peace envelope my mind, my soul.  And then I poured my heart out to God. I gave him my fears, my sorrows, my appreciations, my worries, my concerns, and as happens most of the time in deep prayer, my tears. I was tired. My mind was weary. Yes, I needed some sleep, but at that moment, I needed God’s presence. I needed His love. I needed His peace. I needed His forgiveness and His mercy. I needed His strength. My heart was broken and my burden was heavy.

As I said, peace. I found peace in that sanctuary, which is God’s intentions. He wants us to be at peace. He wants us to bring everything to Him. He wants us to trust that He will do what He teaches. He doesn’t promise that our life will be easy, a life without heartache, fear, anxiety, anger or any other type of hardship, but He does promise His love, His forgiveness, His mercy. He promises us a way better place than what we have in this earthly existence. He promises us Heaven and all the good that that implies, that He teaches.

I spent about an hour or more in God’s house that evening. An hour talking to him. An hour thanking Him. And hour giving him my fears and my shortcomings, my doubts. And as I got up to take my exit, I again gave my respect by taking a knee and making the sign of the cross.

Upon my return home, my heart was at peace and I was ready again to banish the demon coming between my husband and I. My husband and I worked out our spat and then we prayed together. One thing I have learned in my marriage is to pray together with my husband because it brings us closer to God and closer to one another.

2 thoughts on “Talking to God”

  1. The words ” Lord make me an instrument of your Peace” sprung to mind when I read this.
    I love to be in Church alone too – not been for a while – Thank you so much for reminding me of True Love today. 🙂


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