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Hmm, what to do with bricks?

Kind of a silly topic, but okay, I can do bricks 🙂

I have a few different hobbies. My hobbies change with the weather, I swear. Anyway, one of my hobbies happens to be photography. I do okay at it, but I don’t think I’m that good. I haven’t been able to practice in a long while because last summer, my good camera went for a swim and it wasn’t supposed to. So, now I don’t have a camera.

However, with the camera that I did have, I practiced all the time. On my kids mostly, some landscape, buildings, and so forth. I had a couple of gigs in which I volunteered my photography services to upcoming seniors.

With that particular kind of photo shoot (people), I discovered I am very fond of brick buildings as a background, especially in that age group. I believe music equipment, brick buildings, and maybe some railroad tracks go very well together. Those backgrounds just add kind of edge to the photograph that is extremely appealing to me.

I am giving only one example. It’s not exactly what I’m describing, but it’s close.




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