Life in General

We Are All Beautiful

Be your own kind of beautiful.

~ unknown

Little girls, teen girls, young ladies and women are always concerned with how they look.

Am I presentable enough to leave my house?

Am I skinny enough to wear these jeans? This blouse?

Are my boobs big enough? 

Is my hair too short? Too long?

Should I reveal more of my body? Reveal less of my body?

All kinds of silly, yet, self-perception altering questions women throughout society ask themselves.

What’s the message this society is sending to the little girls, teens, and women everywhere?

How can society help growing girls change the perception of their bodies? Of their worth?

I look at my daughters, in all of their beauty (inner and outer), to question how they will view themselves in the future.

As a girl, trust me, I’ve asked myself the above questions over and over again, never arriving at a better answer than the one I have tattooed on my left forearm, a quote in which I fell in love with the first time I read it:


That’s the message I want to send to my lil’ beauties.

I want them to grow up comfortable in their own skin, knowing they don’t have to impress anyone else. They only have to be happy with themselves and thank God everyday for who they are and what they look like.

I want them to put all these foolish notions aside and remember God made them just how He wanted them and that they have much to offer this crazy, judgemental world.

I want them to understand that they are being judged for EVERYTHING by most EVERYONE, but the only judgment that matters comes from our maker, God.

I want them to be who they are rather than who someone else thinks they should be. Our society is led by example and, depending on who the example, the life a person lives can result in happiness or not. I want them to have a better example than the movie stars or musical artists.

I want them to know there is more to this life than glitz and glamour, that more-often-than-not the glitzy, glamorous lifestyle does not make a person happy.

Happiness begins on the inside and that is where true beauty can be found.

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