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Sing His Praises

I had to giggle when I got this prompt into my inbox this morning because it brought to mind a wonderful movie, Prancer, that my family watches every Christmas holiday. Of course, the fact that it stars Sam Elliot makes it that much better, for me anyway 😉

The movie is a joy among the kids because it focuses on a little girl who finds a reindeer in her family’s barn that she swears is Prancer from Santa’s sleigh team. What kid doesn’t like Santa’s reindeer? However, the true moral of the story is believing. Either way, it’s a good family movie and if you haven’t seen it, I totally recommend it and you can get it here.

But, what does that have to do with singing? Again, it has everything to do with the little girl I mentioned. There are a few scenes throughout the movie in which she sings. It’s a little comical because she belts it out there for the world to hear, loud and off-key, but she doesn’t care. Not even a little bit. It makes me giggle every time I watch the movie.

As for me, I sing all the time. I sing in the car, I sing in the house, I sing along with the radio anywhere that I’m at. It’s not something I will ever make a career out of or even take up as a hobby, but it’s just something that kind of sneaks up on me when listening to some tunes. Every Sunday, I sing along with the musicians and other parishioners in church. The last few times in church, during song, it occurred to me that I can’t sing a lick. What must the people around me be thinking. I can hear myself and it’s almost embarrassing.

But then, I think of the aforementioned movie. I think about about the little girl who sings her heart out and does it without fear. And then, it dawns on me that what other people say or think about it, who cares? I am singing for the Lord. I am singing praises in celebration and thankfulness for the life that I have, that we all have. As the Good Books tells us,

Sing for joy in the LORD, O you righteous ones; Praise is becoming to the upright. Give thanks to the LORD with the lyre; Sing praises to Him with a harp of ten strings. Sing to Him a new song; Play skillfully with a shout of joy. ~Pslam 33:1-3

Upon remembering who I am here to serve, my fear of singing subsides and I just sing.

Get out there. Sing, dance, praise the Lord. Do what you need to do in order to bring about a closer relationship between you and your Savior.

And fear not.

Fear not the judgments of others.

Fear not the complete and utter meanness from others because in all that meanness and all that judgment, if even one person can build you up, that’s reason enough for your light to shine.

We are not here, on this earth, breathing this air, shaking hands, and being merry for ourselves. We are here to worship the Lord,

Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory, I have formed him; yea, I have made him. ~Isaiah 43:7

Continue singing for the Lord.

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