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The Munchkins are Back!

My family and I go camping a lot in the summer months. Last summer, while we were getting supplies for an upcoming camping trip, but daughter ran across a tent that she couldn’t possibly live without. “oh daddy please, i will just die if I don’t get this tent. It’s my favorite….” He held his ground for the longest time: “No, you don’t need that tent. We have a tent.”

And the conversation volleyed back and forth, until finally he gave in – as most daddies do ;)- and bought her “my very own tent.” After that, we take her tent with us when we go camping. Of course, with her sleeping patterns, she has to share. There’s no way she’d sleep in it by herself even if we are in the neighboring tent.

Well, guess what?

Summer’s here and now all the kids are anxious to go camping. We have yet to make plans for a camping trip because….well because summer just started. Anyway, with all the excitement over summer and camping, they asked if they could camp in the back yard and we agreed. Oh, but then my daughter, the very same daughter who wakes up screaming almost every night, wanted to sleep outside with them. We told her no because she would get scared. With complete and utter despair, she finally calmed down after dad said we could put her tent up in her bedroom.

Camping anyone?

Okay, so we have the tent up, readied with blankets and now all it needs is sleeping children 🙂

We said our prayers, gave snuggles and kisses, sang their bedtime song, and said good night. I thought, “we should sleep pretty good tonight because they have their tent and that’s really exciting for them.”

My husband and I enjoyed our nightly ritual of quiet relaxation and conversation. Oh, it’s close to my bedtime, so off I go. My husband decided to watch a movie, but I went to bed. Eventually, he comes to bed. And, as most husband and wives do, we snuggle in for a good nights’ sleep because remember, my girls are in their tent and really excited to sleep in it, actually sleeping very soundly by this time.

And what happens?

You guessed it! The little munchkins found our sweet haven once again and decided it needed to be taken over.

our bed
And who shall we wake too?

We just can’t seem to catch a break…or a few zzzzzz’s!



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