Life in General


Blank means nothing at all.





There are any number of words that could have the same connotation as blank.

However, the blank that comes to mind is…..

Blank check.

There a million and one things I could do if someone handed me a blank check and said, “Here, use as you have mind to.”

Wouldn’t we all love that?

So, what would you do with a blank?

Build a mansion on the hill to entertain hundreds with from, hundreds from all around?

Take a vacation to some remote island where you could sunbathe nude, drink free pineapple juice and coconut milk, where you see nothing but water for miles, and feel the sand in your toes?

Travel to an impoverished country in hopes of building it and creating safe havens for its’ inhabitants?

The possibilities are endless and the dreams are big. Who doesn’t imagine what he/she could do with a blank check.

The struggle is real people.

We could choose to do something to glorify God or we could do something to glorify ourselves.

What would you use it for?



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