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Memorial Day Tribute


This day goes out to every man and woman of the military who died as a result of their service – before or after their service concluded. The war that these brave men and women fought does not end if they do make it back home. It’s one that will probably rage inside them for whatever life they have left aka shell shock, combat fatigue, combat disorder, PTSD….whatever you choose to call it, the effect is pretty much the same and almost always guarantees that these soldiers are not the same person.

To the families, you probably couldn’t tell it now based on the attitude of society in our country today, but there are still a few proud Americans that respect and appreciate the sacrifice made by you and your families. While many use this day as just another day to drink, party, and stay out of work, but to thousands of Americans it’s remembering the ones lost to the tragedy of war.

Men and women, young and old, committed themselves to this country to fight the fight. Their legacy?


Freedom for the haters to stomp the American flag – and expect this senseless act to be okay.

Freedom to go fishing without getting into a trouble.

Freedom for the women who choose to take the life of an unborn child for whatever reason she sees fit.

Freedom to choose where you live and what job you have.

Freedom to choose your religion and practice your beliefs – no matter anyone else’s opinion so long as you aren’t violating the rights of others or the laws of the land

Our country is chock full of freedoms that we take advantage of, freedoms we have in which there’s not a thought to be had because they’re almost second nature.

To the families remembering their loved ones today, the ones who gave their all – I hope you know your loved ones are heroes. This country is indebted to them for their sacrifice.

Personally, I have not experienced this loss, but some someone’s who I love have. To this someone who sacrificed, I hope you know up there in Heaven that these someone’s I love think about you all the time. They loved you very much, still do. You came into their life and loved them with your whole heart. They will never forget that. They will never forget you. I’m not sure if I ever told you, but I’d like you to know I appreciated how you loved them. I appreciate that you heart made room for them. Thank you for that.


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