Life in General

Our Circus


Every year, the circus comes to Bismarck. Almost every year, we pack up the kids, supplies for the day, and make that drive to attend that circus.

Just recently, we packed up the kids, supplies needed for the day and made that drive, but we weren’t attending a circus. We took our children to the zoo.

Zoos and circuses have some things in common, such as

  • animals
  • people
  • animals’ antics or acrobatics
  • and expense!

These two places always make me think of my own home where six children live. It gets to be quite chaotic at times. It gets to be almost like living in a zoo or putting together a circus.

We all perform our duties that help our home to run smoothly. At any given time, you might see my children climbing the door frames, you know because that’s fun, much like you would see the circus or zoo animals walking their planks and footbridges. It’s not surprising to walk into a child’s bedroom in my house to see that their beds have become tents such as the tent that houses the circus. And, if I were you, I would totally expect to see kids in my yard, our neighborhood, doing bike stunts much like that of the motorbike circling inside the metal ball. You know what I’m talking about, right? Also, it wouldn’t be a complete circus experience if you didn’t see the kids swinging from the trees such as the ladies that dance on the ropes suspended from the ceiling at the circus.

Trust me, it’s an enjoyable experience had by all. You are welcome to visit my circus anytime 🙂

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