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Being Angry Only Hurts the Individual

One of the easiest emotions to admit feeling is anger. The other easiest emotion to admit is happiness.

It’s hard for most people to admit sadness, anxiety, fear, hurt, and sometimes, love.

However, it doesn’t take much for a person to say, “I’m mad at you,” or “You pissed me off,” or something equally hurtful, rude, or hateful.

Although anger is not the most sought after emotion, it’s still a very natural emotion to feel. Being angry isn’t wrong, but the actions and words one chooses to exhibit are what make unsatisfactory.

For instance, I witnessed a co-worker of mine who was angry. She’s still a teenager so I was quite impressed with how she handled her anger. Instead of the visible signs of fuming, she just said as politely as she could, “he made me angry and now he’s getting what he gets for coffee because I’m not making anymore.” Not knowing what to say, I just respond with, “Okay, he gets what he gets.” And that was that.

Her reaction to what made her angry tickled me pink and I giggled the rest of our shift (about 45 minutes). I just kept replaying the scene in my head because I just found it comical. I wasn’t so rude that I just outwardly laughed at her. In some small way, I was proud of her for not losing her cool which so many people tend to do. Plus, it was the first time in all the months I’ve worked with her that she got a little upset. So, in my defense, I wasn’t actually laughing at her so much as I was giggling because I was proud of her. Silly, huh?

Anger is one of the emotions that can completely consumer one’s heart and mind. It’s not hard to keep convincing yourself to hold onto the anger. The difficult part if rising above that anger to still treat people with kindness, respect, and consideration (even the person/s who made you angry). Every time someone is angry with me (my husband mostly) or every time I am angry with someone, the stories of Jesus spring to mind. Automatically, I recite the Lord’s Prayer to myself as a reminder to myself to always forgive because lack of forgiveness only hurts me. And then I remember the Bible verse:

For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. – Matthew 6:14

So, to help alleviate feelings of anger, I pray for peace every night. I pray for peace for my husband, for my family, for the world, and for myself as it is only in peace shall we find love.


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