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Maps Do Me NO Good!

For some reason, I have a mental block in the part of my brain where map-reading skills should be found. These skills seemed to have skipped a generation or, at the very least, one particular child in my family. Me!

My map reading skills are slim to none. Oh, I can look at a map. I can identify towns on the map. However, I cannot read a map to get from one place to another. I just don’t have that knowledge. Actually, the whole direction thing just isn’t my strong suit. I have been told many times that I could get lost in a wet paper-sack. And it’s true!

Maps are not my friend.


So, if you ever need directions and you spot me, you better keep spotting because the only place I can get you is lost.

Many, many years ago I had a job at a truck stop. Some guy came to the counter and asked me for directions to the mall. Okay, I know where the mall is it. I even know how to get there if am driving, but giving directions. Uh-uh. It didn’t work. I really think I confused the poor guy. After he left, I stood there thinking about the directions I gave.

And then I had to laugh at myself and consequently, this poor man, because I was so screwed up on my location that the directions I gave were probably still a good 2 miles from the mall. To top it off, that’s even if I got him into the same area of the mall.

Sadly, I have to say that my inner compass tells me North is to the sky, South is to the ground, and West or East are to my left or right.

My advice:

Never, ever, ask me for directions if you want to reach your destination.

However, if you enjoy driving

and driving

and driving even more

completely aimless, then I’m your gal 😉

By the way, I asked my husband what pops into his mind when I say the words: me, map.

His response,”You’re lost!”

I giggled….Darn right, I’m lost!

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