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She Did It On Purpose!

Her screech startled me as she came running into the kitchen.

“She did it to me first, mom! And she did it on purpose!”

“No, she did it on purpose!”

And so it goes, back and forth, as my two girls argue over one taking a toy and the other pushing her and then the one returns that favor by pushing her sister back.

This is truly what my house sounds like on any given day.

My three girls (6, 4, 3) love one another like crazy.


And they fight with one another like crazy (which I don’t have a picture of).

Yep, she did it on purpose. And the other one did it on purpose.

Because none of them understand what ‘on purpose’ means.

So, what to do? What to do?

With the screaming of one little girl and the constant chattering of another little girl while the baby of the three looks on, wondering what the heck happened, while the parent of the house (this momma right here!), tries to determine what happened by the scattered bits and pieces of information I am getting from each girl. Neither one of them is making much sense so I try to sort through what’s being said as carefully as possible.

Eventually, I get enough of the story to sit down and talk with them, explaining to both of them that what she did on purpose was actually an just an accident, at which point a whole new round of arguing ensues because “I want that toy and she won’t give it to me!”

Still trying to calm the one down because…..who the heck knows!?! She’s very dramatic.

Oh, but now it’s okay now because, “look mom! I found this worm to play with!”

They can go from fighting, to loving, to playing and giggling in a nanosecond.

It’s all in a days work, but now…..

Mommy needs a time out!


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