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To My Readers


If you are a regular on my blog, I’d like to start with a BIG

Thank You.

It’s so nice that people actually want to read anything on here. It’s exciting and encouraging. All the kind words are more than enough to keep me accountable to some goals. A few weeks ago, I listed some goals I’d like for this blog. It’s not something I’ve ever thought of as a way to make money, it’s more just a hobby, I guess. When I first got the WP blog, I was reading through all the interesting ones I could find. The set-up, the tone, the look, the feel of each blog was overwhelming to me. Then I started to feel like mine had to be similar to every one else’s.

I finally realized something.

What makes each blog unique, is the personality of the person behind the screen, the writer. So, after finally learning that, my blog is there as a way for me to release what’s going on in my head. If it is entertaining to you, that makes me happy. If it’s encouraging to you in any way, I feel blessed. If it can teach you anything about life, I am in awe. Because another thing I have learned, all the blogs that I read as well as all the blogs that others read, just reading -such a small way- spreads goodness in our world. And I firmly believe we need more goodness.

So, again, I thank you.

Now, one of the aforementioned goals for me was to post at least once a day.

However, due to some family focus time, I will be away for a couple of days and will not be posting anything.

I hope to see you all upon my return. I’m sure I will have lots of stories to tell.

I wish you all a Great weekend.



2 thoughts on “To My Readers”

  1. True enough. With the busy-ness of life: adult schedules and kid schedules, it seems like the importance of family gets lost in the jumble of it all. my husband and I do like to take time ‘out’ from the busy-ness to enjoy our children. We do this each day with family prayer and try to set aside time for other family events such as camping, waterpark, picnics, etc. etc.

    Thank you for commenting 🙂


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