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There’s a new way to parent for parents that are not together. It’s called co-parenting and as with anything, there are some disadvantages and advantages that come with it. I am not here to give an opinion either way or to sway anyone else’s opinion. This is simply my own experience.

There’s a couple of songs that portray shared parenting. And of course, they are country songs. If you know me, then you know that I am a country fan. The rock and pop stuff just doesn’t bode well with me. Okay, maybe some 😉


These song titles are:

Highway 20 Ride – Zac Brown Band (My fav)

Every Other Friday at Five – Trace Adkins

If you don’t know these two songs, they talk about getting every other weekend visits with dad. Now, if you are parent that goes through this then you know how hard it is for all parties involved.

So, from my own experience, I have two children that come to me only on weekends and summer visitations and one child that goes to his dad every other weekend plus summer visitation. For this first two children, these two songs apply weekly, but for the one child, it applies to me for 6 weeks in the summer and it’s hard. Every two weeks he comes home for the weekend and when he goes back to his dad’s, I cry every time (not within his presence of course because I know it’s hard for him to and he doesn’t need to carry the burden of my feelings). At the same time, I carry the burden of his feelings because well…..that’s what mothers do. I look at him on these weekends that he’s home when it rolls around to Sunday and I can see the tears threatening to fall from his pretty blue eyes and it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart because I can’t stop it. I breaks my heart because I don’t have a choice. It just breaks my heart because I want to shield him, shield all of my children, from the heartbreak in the world.

But I can’t and…..it breaks my heart.

When these Sunday’s roll around, I can sense the change in his mood. I can see the anxiety written all across his face. He tries to be strong. He tries to hide those feelings. But, I’m his mom and any mom understands that we are one with our children, even when they grow old. Every Sunday (on his weekends home), it’s the same. He gets quiet. He gets sad. He gets short with his brothers and he a bit clingier than normal.

However, I put on my big-girl panties, I hug him close and tell him it’s gonna be alright. We’re gonna miss him a ton and can’t wait to see him again, but we hope he has lots of fun with his dad because we know he loves his dad and his dad loves him. And I reassure him that through those two weeks that he’s gone, we can talk every night and say a prayer with him, because at home, that’s what we do.

To all the parents that know this struggle:

I can do all things through him who strengthens me. -Philippians 4:13


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