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And It’s Friday!

Okay, so I’m late. It was Friday….now it’s Saturday!

But, as promised, Fun Photo Friday!

I believe I’ve said this already, but I LOVE photos.

And I used to take pictures of EVERYTHING!

I used to practice my photography skills on anything that could fit in the focus of my camera.







I’m serious. Everything.

Until, the two-fold sad day that turned out to be what I will forever claim to be a miracle. Here’s the story:

One summer, I had my children at the river fishing. And my children love water. A lot. Who doesn’t? My boys were fishing while my girls and I were playing along the edge of the water. My camera was hanging around my neck (which is common for most people that like and practice photography). All the sudden, splash! My daughter fell in the river. Without a thought for my camera, I did as any parent would do, and I jumped in after her. The two-fold sadness: my daughter fell in the river (and we know how that could’ve ended) and my camera was toast. The miracle: my daughter –except for being scared — is absolutely fine and she was even that day. No water in her lungs, no scratches, scrapes or bruises afterwards. I checked her from head to toe before we left the river. Upon getting back into town, I had her checked over by a PA (physician assistant) who said my daughter was fine. That day, I witnessed a miracle.

Anywhoo…no more camera for me. Now, I use my cell phone camera. It’s not bad, but it could be better.

Today’s Fun Photo goes to: Biking


As I said, cell phone and not the greatest picture, but the sight before you is a beautiful portrayal of childhood and all the fun that that implies. I can recall a picture in my mom’s photo album from when I was a youngin. In her photo, there are a few neighborhood kids with my sister and I on our bikes, much like this one. When I took this picture, it brought to mind that photo. I love to see the children playing with their friends and the camaraderie that is so evident in how the subjects so unknowingly, yet perfectly positioned themselves. A totally unexpected capture -albeit poor quality – that thoroughly depicts life during childhood.

A reminder to us all to enjoy life’s greatest, usually the smallest, joys to be found in our own backyards or, as the picture shows, the middle of a small-town, sleepy road. Traffic is scarce and children are aplenty 🙂

This is a memory to be treasured.

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