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To Honor My Dad

My daddy was a long haul trucker for a long time, half  my life at least, maybe a little longer. He’s long since ‘retired’ from that line of work, but those memories are tucked safely in my heart. Not because I feel bad about it, but because I understand. I remember growing up and certain songs would always bring him to mind if he was out on the road. Although there are a few, one song still takes me back to my childhood years when daddy was on the road and it’s like I’m there all over again. It makes me cry but I don’t really know why. Sadness, maybe, at what was, a sense of nostalgia, or just simpler times. Could be that the lyrics so closely resembled my family’s life: daddy was a trucker, momma at home with three little kids (sad faces) asking about daddy, and he always told us he loved us before he left. He always wanted a new picture of my mom and us three girls when he left. Could be anything, I guess, but no matter, it’s a memory I will always treasure. The song: Roll On by Alabama.

“Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)”

Roll on highway, roll on along
Roll on daddy till you get back home
Roll on family, roll on crew
Roll on momma like I asked you to do
And roll on eighteen-wheeler, roll on. (roll on.)

Well, it’s Monday morning, he’s kissin’ momma goodbye
He’s up and gone with the sun
Daddy drives an eighteen-wheeler
And he’s off on a midwest run
As three sad faces gather round momma
They ask her when daddy’s comin’ home
Daddy drives an eighteen-wheeler
And they sure miss him when he’s gone (yeah they do)
Ah, but he calls them everynight
And he tells them that he loves them
And he taught them this song to sing.


Well, it’s Wednesday evening, momma’s waitin by the phone
It rings but it’s not his voice
Seems the highway patrol has found a jackknifed rig
In a snow bank in Illinois
But the driver was missin’
And the search had been abandoned.
‘Cause the weather had everything stalled
And they had checked all the houses and the local motels
When they had some more news they’d call
And she told them when they found him
To tell him that she loved him
And she hung up the phone singin’.


Momma and the children will be waiting up all night long
Thinkin’ nothing but the worst is comin’
With the ringin’ of the telephone
Oh, but the man upstairs was listening
When momma asked him to bring daddy home
And when the call came in it was daddy on the other end
Askin’ her if she had been singin’ the song, singin’.



Roll on
Roll on…

♥ Happy Father’s Day, Daddy ♥

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