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Beatitudes Post #3

The Beatitudes series continues this week with #3.

As always, I would like to remind all readers that these posts in this series are explained in the way that I understand them. Take with it what you will, but please understand right or wrong in explanation/understanding is matter of opinion. Through my Bible studies at home plus attending Mass every week sometimes twice, I am learning. Offer comments, thoughts, prayers even but please be kind.

Today’s Beatitude

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

What does it mean to be meek? If a person is meek, is said person weak, strong, bound to servitude?

God wants everyone to come to Him of their own free will, which is the ability to make one’s own decisions based on whatever principles or lack thereof that said person chooses to live by. God wants devotion from each of us because we love Him not because He makes the choice for us. Therefore, if one is living life according to scripture and has voluntarily submitted him/herself to the Lord then he or she will do whatever God calls him/her to do. To put it simply, being meek is living a humble life, serving and seeking God in everything, and glorifying His name in all circumstances. With that said, they shall inherit the earth. Earth? I thought we God calls us home, that home would be in Heaven but Heaven is not earth. Isn’t that confusing. So, to be meek means one would inherit (remain) on earth. But why? I was speaking to my husband once about an irrational fear that I had after I laid down and was not really asleep but nor really awake. I just felt kind of in limbo like the thoughts were going through my head but I’m not sure if I was awake or not. Weird and hard to understand I know, even harder to explain. Anyway, the irrational fear just came out of nowhere and was about the kids, myself, my husband and what we’re doing here, living, breathing and then we die. But then what? I was so shaken by those thoughts that I jumped up from my bed and all the sudden just needed to be with my kids. It was weird.

I remember as a child on a few different occasions when I attended church, we were taught that Heaven is a place of beauty and constant joy while Hell was the exact opposite of beauty, no joy at all, and burning flames. I could never really wrap my head around where these two places were located besides the generic Heaven is up to the sky and Hell is below my feet. Whether that is a true explanation of each place or not is maybe not so important as living a life for God so one can get to Heaven. Actually living a life FOR God, in action, in word, in love always……If something makes your heart sing, but you can’t see what it is, taste what it is, touch what it is, basically using our sensory perceptions to identify the good in our heart then it is God. In other words, does all goodness come from God? Can goodness come from our own belief of what is considered to be important? For instance, the other day I played pull tabs (gambling) from a machine. I put in $5 which gives me five tabs to open. Out of those five, one tab was a winner of another $5 which I stuck back in the machine to buy 5 more tabs. After each of those winners, I thanked God for the win. While I was waiting to get the cash for the winner tab so I could play again, a guy went to the machine to put his money in. I jokingly said, “no you have wait until I put my money back in. Naw, I’m just kidding, but hey listen, if you win big you gotta split it with me and if I win big then I’ll split it with you.” He walked away, I put the $5 I just won back into the machine (remember, that’s only 5 tickets to open) and I believe it was the 3rd ticket that I opened and won $225. I just won $225, but wait……what did I just say? I firmly believe that God was testing my honesty, testing my integrity with that win. Would I honestly keep my word even the word said jokingly?

If you want to know the answer to that then leave a comment, I’ll let you know.

But, I got of my subject with that irrational fear story. Getting back to that, will the meek inherit the earth, nothingness, or Heaven? At whichever point that God calls his people home, the persons that served God will live in His kingdom, but where that is, I do not know. To put as simply as possible, we don’t know (none of us) whether or not we are going to Heaven. However, if we live according to scripture, completely bearing our lives to God so much so that we are an open book, believe in Him and His graces, and strive daily to be what He wants us to be then we will get into Heaven. Being meek, being gentle is something we must do to glorify God and everything He is.

As I said, take with it what you will. However, comments are welcome and encouraged.

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As always, tune in next week for Post #4 in the Beatitudes Series.

Thanks for stopping by. I wish you well in the new week.


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