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Meaningful Monday: A Change in Mood

To create change in ourselves, we first be willing to explore ourselves so that we may decide what needs to be changed.

For instance, a parent that has unruly kids is forever complaining that the kids don’t listen, don’t help out at home, argue and fight with siblings, and constantly talk back to the adults in their life. Perhaps this parent is you. Perhaps this parent is me.

Honestly, I do have some of the issues with my children: not listening and arguing/fighting with siblings. My husband and I are in the process of creating change. However, it’s not easy. It’s not easy to change our responses. It’s not easy to stand firm in an area in which we have previously not stood firm. It’s funny how that works out.

In order to see the change that we want though, we have really had to reevaluate our reactions, carefully select our words, and follow through on our choice of discipline (which is grounding or taking something away or talking).  It seems the world has transitioned from God led homes to parent led homes to child led homes and I fear that we began to ever so slowly get stuck in the sticky mire. We are learning that we don’t have to, in fact, we shouldn’t give into their every whim and desire. To be honest, to do so would only derail their life. The world, more importantly, God doesn’t owe them anything, but they do owe something to God. Let me be clear about that. God loves us freely all the time, but He doesn’t control us in this life. We can choose to follow His direction or we can choose to live according to our own will. If we choose Him, His love and forgiveness abounds, but we are also making the choice to let the greater good of Him help us in our actions and reactions. When we love Him back, we want to do what makes Him happy. If we choose the latter, our own will, we live our life a bit more selfishly which consumes every facet of our life.

With God’s help, my husband and I are slowly creating change by putting God first. He’s with us as we rouse from our slumber to begin our day with morning prayer. He’s with us at every point throughout our day when we call upon Him. And He is with us as we settle down for the the nighttime routine. It’s amazing just how much the mood of our home has shifted. Once he and I changed our responses to the things that cause strife, the kids’ perceptions changed as well.

And our inspiration is of and from God. In our efforts of implementing a Christ centered home, we live the change in ourselves and see the change in the kids. It seems our trials are more plentiful, but our actions and reactions are more meaningful and positive.

What are some ways that you have practiced or implemented change in your life?

Beauty is all around us, so go out and do something to make your Monday a meaningful one.

As always, thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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