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My Best Friend

Twelve years ago next month, I met the man I call my husband, the man that has been a blessing in my life for these many years. In the beginning, I wouldn’t have much to do with him. It was challenging for me at first because of I was pregnant with another man’s child that didn’t want anything to do with me and who also denied the child was his. My husband understood I guess because although he would still come over to visit, sometimes, he’d visit the whole time with my parents because I refused to see him. He was insistent though and I finally realized that yes I was attracted him, but he was kind, respectful, funny, patient, full of life, and he sat for hours talking to my parents. And that was the best part, he could hold conversation with my parents. He made it a point to get to know them before trying to get into a relationship with me. So, we started actually dating. I mean we were already but now it became official. He even wanted to claim my child as his own, wanted to sign the birth certificate and let the baby carry his last name. Of course, that went against my better judgment so it didn’t happen that way. We eventually had a child together which actually turned out to be twins, two boys born on his birthday. And obviously, he asked me to marry him. And sadly, it wasn’t a romantic proposal with flowers and the words ‘will you marry me’ written in the sand or anything of the sort. It was,

“I’m driving out to mom’s, you want to go with me?”

me: “Yeah okay.”

At which point, we proceed to do exactly that. He asked me while we were driving down the rode. It wasn’t a romantic proposal by any means, but I will forever remember it. It’s tucked away, gently protected by the love and the disagreements we’ve had over the years where I will keep it always.

Now, here we are nine years later with 8 beautiful children, a home, and a marriage we work at every day.

Today, I want to wish my husband a happy anniversary. I want to tell him that no matter what has happened over the life of our marriage, my love for him has only grown, my commitment to him, to us, has only gotten stronger. I want him to know that he has been the greatest blessing in my life. He’s been a great father, a wonderful husband, and a source of strength in the uncertainties of life.His unfailing devotion to our family has shown me what commitment looks like. His unwavering love has created bonds between us that seem unshakable. His deeply ingrained integrity has been the leading image to our boys of what a man of God should look like. He works hard. He loves even harder. I am thankful for his companionship. I am thankful for the honor and the courage he carries. I am thankful for his willingness to keep going even when it’s not easy, when it’s curve ball after curve ball and then a few fast balls thrown in. I am thankful for every thing that he is and I am thankful that he chose me to share his life with. I am thankful that he turns to the Lord when he does. I am thankful he is leading our family to Christ. I am thankful for the man that he is.

Happy Anniversary, My Husband. I look forward to the rest of our lives together and the many years to come. I love you with all my heart.

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