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Lord’s Day Sunday Post #2

My first Sunday post for the specified day.

This morning’s treat: Sunday Mass. And always, it was wonderful. Due to my last days at work, I haven’t been able to attend Mass because of scheduling conflicts. After profuse amounts of prayer and asking for forgiveness, I was assured that missing work due to work conflict is not frowned upon. However, the guilt weighed heavy on my heart. So, after what feels like months, I was finally able to attend Mass this morning.

It was wonderful. I have been feeling the strain of not having been there for a while now. Things just have not been making much sense to me lately and I attribute that to not attending. All is right in the world, once again.

Today’s Mass focused on when God calls a person’s number or when He calls on a person to devote one’s life to Him, one shouldn’t make Him wait. Am I willing to do what He asks, when he asks? This could mean a wife becoming pregnant, a man entering seminary school to devote their complete life to God, a woman being called to become a nun, devoting one’s life to serving others through ministry, occupation, servitude, and prayer. It could mean even the smallest, simplest form of devotion, but one that is just as meaningful to God because God recognizes the obedience to Him in even the smallest acts.

Father told us the story of what led him to seminary school and how many times he tried to put it off. However, it was his calling and the Lord was very insistent. Now, we have someone heading our church who is devoted, caring, and a great teacher.

It really makes me think of what I can be doing, what I should be doing, what I’m not doing, and what I shouldn’t be doing in regard to this human life. Am I pleasing God in my daily life? My actions, my words, my thoughts…..are these all pleasing to God or pleasing to myself? Thoughts to ponder over tonight, tomorrow, the rest of my life. It was a great service.

After church, I spent the day with my family. Visiting, teaching, caring for…….every day actions without interruption because

It’s Sunday, the Lord’s day.

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