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Water. So Refreshing.

Water is so refreshing.

It’s a delight to drink on hot summer days.

It’s a wonderful escape on those same hot summer days.

About 70% of the earth is covered in water.

About 60% of the human body is water.

It’s no wonder why humans love water so much.

Water is:

  • cool and refreshing
  • sometimes clear, sometimes not so clear
  • welcoming on those hot sweaty days in the midst of summer and welcoming on those cold, brisk days when a person is able to sit in a hot tub or stand under a warm spray of droplets.

From the mud puddles in the yard to the cascades of water falls roaring over the mountains edge into a pool of water below, to the crashing waves of the sea, water is tempting. It seems to beckon to a person, calling out:

come to me, come to me.

Adults and kids alike are drawn to water for some reason or another. It sustains life. It aids in growth.

When I think of water, my first thoughts are always of the ocean. I LOVE water. I LOVE being near the water. I LOVE being in the water.

But I am scared of it, especially near the sea and in water that I can’t see through. And that freaks me out. I am scared of what is going to get me from in the water when I can’t see. The ocean is scary due to its’ shear vastness, the tidal waves, the undertow, and what lives below the surface. At the same time, it’s exhilarating for those very same reasons.

I always say:

Put me near the ocean and I will be fine.


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