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Whatever Wednesday: Just Ramblings

Honestly, I do not follow the news that closely for a couple of different reasons:

  • The news stations report news of the highest bidder. What this means is that the viewers only get half-truths or no truth at all. News is a compilation of events in the world, in your state, city, wherever you are and are based on the opinion of whoever can pay more or if you prefer, whoever is reporting at the time. Yes, I really believe that. However, I do realize that some news footages do hold fact and these include but not limited to: weather related incidents, daily happenings in the area, accident fatalities, etc.
  • News segments in a half-hour sitting are skewed which means the focus is on non-essential information whereas the essential information has less air time during the half-hour the news is on for.
  • And as always, when one story is being reported on another story is being covered up.

Obviously, I have no faith in the news. Presidential debates and other voting  times throughout the year hold the same appeal to me.

However, the stories all over the tabloids and other media (paper or otherwise) these days have been focusing on LGBT rights and abortion (these are the ones I am going to focus on), but there are possibly more. In fact, I’m fairly certain there are more issues being discussed.

As I said, I do not watch the news and I don’t read the news, but these two issues have been front and center for a while now. Why?

Why are we pursuing the abortion issue when it’s (sadly) already legal? It will forever be a topic if disagreement and nobody really wins. What’s even more sad is that it’s not only legal, but it’s also promoted as a selfless act. As it’s been said, have sex and if it results in pregnancy. No worries, just get an abortion.  And since our oh-so-reliable (rolling my eyes) news focus’s on the ever-so-important (again, the eye-rolling) lives of entertainment celebrities and their poor choices of handling life altering events (in this particular circumstance the event is pregnancy) getting blasted all over media websites, well then how could it not be the best solution to the problem of irresponsible decisions (unprotected sex)? I get that sometimes (more often than one might think) pregnancy is the result of terrible circumstances (rape and/or molestation), but the fact remains: a fetus has been created and to abort that fetus is taking the life of an unborn CHILD because as it states in the Bible:

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. Before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations -Jeremiah 1:5

And then…..

Why are we pursing the rights of the LGBT community when the rights they are trying to get (they feel their rights are infringed upon) when gotten infringe upon the rights of others? How do two wrongs make a right? More important than the two wrongs theory is that of which God teaches:

If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them. – Leviticus 20:13

One must understand that the sin is not homosexuality itself, but rather the act committed in homosexual relationships. To be gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual is not a sin until one lies with the same sex. Of course, sex outside of marriage for anyone is considered a sin.

But, switching gears back to the two wrongs theory which brings to mind a smear campaign I ran across recently. My source of news is Facebook and all of the validity or lack thereof that that implies (as I said, validity is questionable with news no matter where it comes from). On a day not to long ago, I read something a little silly. Here it is: And yes, I warn you now, it is focused on the presidential debates happening so rampantly right now, namely Donald Trump. The ad tells about Donald Trumps source winning votes (let me see if I can remember it) and goes on to, for some reason, demean Christians (what one has to do with the other is questionable—maybe someone would like to explain, nicely please). Actually, I will just post the image:

donald trump
Who I’m voting for is beside the point but honestly, I am undecided.

The FB responses to this meme (I think that’s what you call it, I could be wrong it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Technical jargon is not my forte) include:

  • They are not true christians (name withheld for obvious reasons). The response to this response: Total hypocrites (name withheld).
  • That they have tolerance and mercy which are very much christian virtues. Spread the love, geez (my response to both the responses above)
  • If they spread love to opposing candidates, that would be easier to do. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening (name withheld AND response to my response)
  • Well as they say..2 wrongs don’t make a right. Just because one doesn’t do something does not mean that another can’t. At the end of the day we are accountable for our own behaviors. (my response to the above response)
  • agreed (name withheld AND response to my last response)

Do you see the absurdity of this smear tactic?

For one, a Christian is just as human as anyone else. They make mistakes. They sin. They are not perfect. They go to church and bring glory to God because they are sinners not because they aren’t.

And two, during the smear campaigns of the presidential debates, all parties will say whatever they can against the others to keep their count up. (reason enough not to trust any of what is said).

And we come to number three, if Christians aren’t showing love and mercy to their neighbors (which just so happen to be every other human being in the world, not just the neighbor to your left or to your right or to the north/south–use your own preference of location description terms), then how is he/she following the Christian principles which promote love and mercy?

Besides that, these debates are not based on Christian principle. Honestly, who the heck knows what they are based on other than money, power, and, quite simply, greed? To make matters even more interesting or confusing (however you choose to look at it), aren’t Christians allowed to vote? When the choices are limited (which they are in most campaigns), I am under the impression that a Christian will vote for whichever candidate’s values and morals align with said Christian. This is a true voting technique for most voters.

Kind of silly, wouldn’t you agree?

So, here’s the deal in a nutshell:

  • If you don’t believe in abortion, then don’t support it in any way, shape or form otherwise you are just as guilty because in your lack of whatever support you choose to give, you are defending the rights of the unborn. For instance, not to long ago, I chose to walk for March for Babies. I got the donations, I turned the money in (which is still faulty), but my research took place after I’d already committed to the walk. During my research, I learned that although they raise money to help promote knowledge of and prevent premature births, they also support planned parenthood which we all know is legal abortion. I felt horrible! Afterwards, I went on to explain to anyone of my donors that questioned me about how I fared in the walk how incredibly sorry I was for asking for their donation because of that snippet of information I found about the support of abortion. I even wrote a post about it, found here and a mention here.
  • If your beliefs teach against LGBT relations then again, don’t support it in any way, shape or form and again, you are just as guilty if privy and party to any form of support.

As a Christian, or even if you’re not, it’s not your job to judge others. Judgments are left to the Master and He alone. I’ve mentioned it before, but shall again:

He who judges another shall be judged accordingly. (Paraphrased of course) – Matthew 7:1-5

As I’ve mentioned before, information contained in this blog is my whole bunch of opinion, what I’ve learned in my life, and the teachings of my Creator. Take with it what you will, comment where you want (nicely of course), and drop by again. If you follow me, thank you. If you don’t already, then please do or not. I enjoy comments that commend me as well as the ones that disagree with me. I will always try to answer.





2 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday: Just Ramblings”

  1. I am of the opinion, and have been posting as much, that as Christians it is a waste of our time and Christianity trying to win elections and play politics. The kingdom of Christ was never meant to be won through the worlds ballot box. We are always to follow the example of Jesus. Caeser, Pilate, etc, the rulers of His time, feared Him because they feared He wanted to take their positions of power. If He had wanted to, He would have. He had the power of being God in the flesh after all. But he wasn’t after earthly power, and He didn’t lead protests. He submitted Himself to the authority the Father had provided, and submitted to the Father’s authority all the way to the cross. So, I agree with you 100% that worrying over what the law of the land is is time wasted. We need to focus of loving the sinners (starting with ourselves), sharing the love of Christ and what that love has done in our lives, and leading all around us into His love. We clearly don’t have a candidate in this election, regardless of party. One good thing about our current situation – maybe now we can get some definition!! We need to stop trying to blend into the world around us. Let the world be the world. We need to be the church, the beautiful bride of Christ…


    1. Very true. These days that is much of my focus. I just generally try to be more helpful, offer support and encouragement where I can, and pray. A lot! Thank you for your thoughts. It’s always nice to get perspective and it’s even better when it’s written so well. Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

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