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Oldies are the Goodies

An up-all-night movie-a-thon.

Do you ever feel a sense of nostalgia?

Geez! What am I thinking?

Of course you do.

Who doesn’t ever sit and reminisce about their younger years?

This evening I started feeling a little icky and couldn’t sleep so I got up to watch a movie, Dirty Dancing.

Watching that movie brought back many memories of different movies we watched as youngsters which then prompted me to keep watching movies.

Some of my favorite movies as an 80’s/90’s childhood are:

  • Dirty Dancing. My sisters and I would sit for hours and keep rewinding the videos just far enough to rewatch the ending. Yes, videos! I am that old!
  • Footloose. Another movie we rewind far enough just to rewatch the ending.
  • The Goonies. Something about a group of teens finding treasure that was just so appealing to our young minds.
  • Big. You know the movie of a boy who goes to a carnival and visits the Zoltar machine to make a wish that ends up being granted, just not quite like the boy expected.
  • Teen Witch. You have to remember that movie! A run of the mill average girl, nothing special who gains popularity almost overnight and ends up dating that sexy beast of a guy. There isn’t a girl in the world who didn’t want to be that girl in the movie.
  • Mannequin. If you don’t know that movie then you definitely weren’t raised in the 80’s!
  • Grease. This is another movie that got rewound over and over just far enough to watch the ending again.
  • Splash. Remember the beautiful girl that the guys falls in love with who just so happens to turn into a mermaid when she’s in water. Oh, how we wished to be mermaids?
  • E.T. Of course, any 80’s child’s movie collection is not complete without this popular alien movie.
  • Back to the Futures. In homeschool this past year, my kids got a kick out of watching those movies on the day that was the future in the movie: October 21, 2015.

Oh, the memories of childhood. The kids these days don’t even know. I watch my kids now, watch them in their interactions, their play, their growing and learning. It’s amazing. I, as a child, didn’t have the nintendos or the ataris or any other popular game systems of that era. We maybe had some card games and board games that we played. Religiously. Mostly, though, we were outdoors. We got creative in our play. We had to. We didn’t have money growing up which means we didn’t get all the toys, the fancy bikes, etc. We got creative. We made houses out of leaves raked into squares and rows to imitate the walls. We played in mud holes. We climbed trees and played hide-n-seek. We ran through the fields picking wild flowers and playing chase. We played war in the woods beside our house.

Lordy mercy, it’s hard for me to believe I am old enough to have these memories. But hey, they say oldies are goodies.

What are some of your favorite movies from the 80’s and 90’s?




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