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Week Four Kindness Challenge in Review

This week’s kindness challenge focused on being kind. When it comes to kindness, the sky is the limit. By that I mean, acts of kindness are just there, always available because most anything we do for another to help another or to promote positive energy can be considered being kind.

The exercises such as making eye contact, greeting people around me, holding the door for the person after me and leaving water out for stray animals were taught to my sisters and I good ole’ southern manners so these acts of kindness just come naturally to me.

To reach out and really show some kindness this week, I made more of an effort to keep any displeasure with my kids’ father to a minimum and communicated with him while choosing to ignore any jabs or innuendos he shot at me. And if you knew me, you’d understand that this is quite a feat. I’ve mentioned a few times that I generally tend to speak before I think. However, since I’m on the subject, I am content to say I have improved in that area.

My neighbor had surgery this past week and since she’s been home, I have devoted some of my time just visiting with her, offering help in anything that she may need.

Another act of kindness was toward the job that I just quit last week. I have been sending people that are searching for jobs to that location. I felt so horrible for quitting and by sending applicants to that location, my position will get filled quicker which means the other employees aren’t working shorthanded.

One big deal that I’ve been making more of an effort to do is make sure the kitchen is clean before I go to bed at night. I have no problem going to bed and waking to dirty dishes in the sink, but my husband likes the kitchen to be all tidied up so he wakes up to a clean kitchen.

One of my other neighbors has been a thorn in our side almost since we moved into our home many years ago (9 actually). However, with this week’s challenge in mind as well as kindness itself, I made extra effort to be the chatty neighbor with her this week. And I have decided that she can be as pleasant or unpleasant as she chooses, but I will no longer be unpleasant toward her.

It’s a wonderful feeling to show kindness all the time even when you don’t really feel the mood of kindness. And, yes, it is quite easy to be kind to others.

As always, whoever reads this has a wonderful day. Don’t be afraid to leave comments or offer insight. It bolsters community as long as the comments are made respectfully and with kindness.

1 thought on “Week Four Kindness Challenge in Review”

  1. Sounds like that was a great week! What great ways to be mindful and kind. I love how you chose to be kind even when the easier option might be to react unpleasantly. I’m glad that you see that it’s always a choice you can make and that it says more about you than the other person.


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