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Anything Goes Saturday – A Good Western

Okay my friends, Scrabble Saturday was a bust!

I was hoping to get people involved, but either I suck at this or people just don’t want to get to involved. But, it is what it is and I’m okay with that.

Since the scrabble idea didn’t work, I am changing it up a bit. Now it will be Anything Goes Saturday in which the topic will vary, depending on my mood, feeling, or happenings of the day.

Today’s Topic: Westerns

Growing up I hated western movies and it seemed like that was all dad would ever put on the T.V. when he was home from the road.

Westerns were boring.

Westerns were unappealing.

Westerns just plain sucked.

Then, I married a man that has the mindset of one that existed in the western days which means westerns still grace my T.V. periodically. In those periodic times, I leave him to his westerns and I find something else to do. And trust me, in this house with all my kids, finding something to do isn’t the least bit hard. Quite the opposite actually because something to do more often than not finds me. The search is short lived.

The last few days have been somewhat abnormal for me as I have been the one wanting to watch westerns. I have enjoyed for the last couple of nights such movies as:

  • Comanche Moon (younger years of Call and McCray of Lonesome Dove)
  • Unforgiven
  • 3:10 to Yuma
  • Silverado

Never in my life did I think I’d see the day in which I’d want to watch a western. Must be that ever so slowly, I’m getting older, wiser, and more boring. It seems to happen before one knows it.

Naw, I ain’t getting old….36 is still young.

But it isn’t 20 or 26 or anything in between.

Old. Young. Anything in between. No matter because life will get lived and I can either live in it or watch it from the sidelines.

1 thought on “Anything Goes Saturday – A Good Western”

  1. Best to embrace our lives and live them! God has given us a precious gift…even westerns. I recognized a couple that you mentioned.


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