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Up in Flames

The sun was going down and the shadows of darkness began to creep through the trees. There she stood, in all her glory, perhaps one of the tallest structures in this sleepy little town. Built in 1955 and shiny as a new penny, she was a massive structure that wore her veil of gray sheet metal well. She was the beacon of light for the residents in her hay-day. She stood for growth in a country ravaged by the Dirty Thirties and still trying to make a come back.

She was the grain elevator.

Present-day, everyone in town gathered around to watch with sadness, with interest, with awe. Cars and trucks lined the street behind the barrier while citizens of the town sat in lawn chairs scattered about the yards within the vicinity of this special event that would soon be part of the town’s history. It’s funny because history was about to be made with a piece of the town’s history that had already been made.

Every available fire truck in this quaint little town made a perimeter around the once-thriving now deserted eyesore known as the grain elevator. She had sat unused for many, many years and signs of her deterioration were evident. She not only posed a serious threat of injury to the inhabitants of the town, she also sat on very usable real estate. After much deliberating amongst town council and members of the town, her fate was decided, her retirement imminent. She had to be destroyed!

Method of destruction: Fire.

In all her glory, let her burn! She served the community well, but we had to let her go as she had fallen into disrepair and had become a safety hazard.

Grain Elevator

Built in 1955

Retired by Fire in 2011

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