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A Quilt for ……..One Heck of a Fighter

Oh, a few months ago, give or take, someone that is dear to the heart of someone who is dear to my heart was diagnosed with the dreaded and hated, it will never happen to my child Cancer. Just a little guy, only 7 or 8, who now has a long road of recovery before him. He’s not the first child to be diagnosed as there are thousands plus of children who are diagnosed with cancer in any given year and as such, he will not be the last. The numbers are heartbreaking, but rates of survival increase with each year. No matter how many times I hear of a childhood cancer diagnosis, the news doesn’t get easier to bear. However, until such news is knocking on your own backdoor or within your personal circle, it seems so distant and unreal.

Upon learning of this little boys’ diagnosis, I cried for days and will continue to pray for him and his family. I wanted to do something for him that would let him and his family know that he and his family are in the prayers of many people. There wasn’t much I could do by way of money, but I could take the time and supplies I have on hand to make him a quilt. The other day, I finished it and it got delivered to the awesome little fighter it was made for.

Here is the finished product:

In the midst of such trials in our lives, people begin to question God. It seems unfair for this type of heartbreak to happen. We don’t understand, may never understand, but God’s plan is way greater than what the human mind can ever fathom. He’s a loving God who, through every trial we face, is there to be the strength that gets us through, the heart that doesn’t give up, and the love that carries us when we can’t seem to carry ourselves any longer. We only have to let Him know of our pains, heartaches, worries, fears, and weaknesses. We have to trust in Him and have Faith that He is working for us during these times.

The Lord sustains him on his sickbed; in his illness you restore him to full health. – Psalm 41:3

God is the true healer of all illness. So, please pray for this little guy to be healed and to provide needed strength to his family during this time.

I hope you all have a blessed day.

Thanks for stopping by.

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