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Beatitudes Post #6

My Goodness! We are sailing right through the 8 Beatitudes. I hope you all have found them to be as encouraging and helpful as I find them to be. Each one is uplifting while reminding me of what is so important in life and how to treat others in my midst. Wise words from our Savior that inspire us to be the kind of person He has created each of us to be.

Beatitude #6

Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.

One of the messages I heard recently during Mass focused on doing good for your neighbor, spreading God’s love to everyone because that is what we are asked to do. In the message, the question of who exactly are the neighbors was raised. Quite simply, your neighbor is anyone that crosses your path in this world. It’s not just the lady next door or the family a couple houses down from yours. It’s also the stranger you pass while walking in the grocery aisle, the homeless guy on the corner, the VIP speaking at the local college that you attend, or the child from the wrong side of the tracks that plays third base on the baseball team you coach. It’s anyone you meet, know pretty well, or not at all. It’s every single person that God created.

With that said, blessed are the pure of heart is being that kind of neighbor who helps, who serves others no matter what without expecting anything in return. God, as it very clearly states, welcomes anyone who chooses to be the kind of neighbor as just described –giving with love, giving without expectation, loving others in the way that God has and does so graciously love us. As has been said, it’s easy to love someone who is what we know, what we are comfortable with, or is showing kindness to us. The true test of love is loving those that we don’t think deserve our love, loving those who have wronged us, loving those who are different.

As such, loving others as God loves us is one of the way that we show our love for the Lord.

I hope you all have a blessed day.

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