Life in General

Toilet Paper!

Have you ever taken part in the great toilet paper debate?


You haven’t heard of the toilet paper debate?

Goodness, that is hard to believe!

Just kidding 🙂

So, as everyone knows, there’s two ways to put a roll of toilet paper on the bar thingy. Yeah, thingy, very technical term 😉

You either put it on with the sheet on the outside of the roll easy to grab or you put in on the ‘thingy’ with the next sheet on the underside of the roll maybe also easy to grab, but looks ridiculous!

Just give it second and you can picture with all my technical bathroom jargon.

Okay, it’s easier to see in my head than to say with my words, but I’m sure you get it.

So, anyway……Toilet Paper. The talk of the day.

I’m definitely the ‘next sheet on the upper outside’ of the roll kind of girl. In my bathroom, I’m normally the one who changes the roll because…umm, well I’m the female in the house and use it more often plus I help my two young daughters after they’ve used the potty. You know, all that fun, interesting stuff that moms devote their lives too. No worries though because I’ve taught my boys (including my husband) how to properly restock the toilet paper holder. The roll pretty much stays the way it’s supposed to be because who in the world puts the roll on the ‘thingy’ with the next sheet on the underside of the roll?

Seriously, they should have bathroom etiquette in school!

As I said, it’s usually restocked correctly. Okay, I realize restock is probably not the best word for the explanation of putting the roll on the ‘thingy’, but hopefully everyone gets the gist of it.

Anywhoo…it’s correct in my bathroom…..


I get company!

For some reason, it always gets put on wrong when a visitor ‘restocks’ the toilet paper ‘thingy’….you know, that technical term.

I guess you could say it’s one of my pet peeves.

Isn’t that sad?!?

If you remember, I told you about a job that I had for a few months but no longer have. Totally my choice, but speaking of toilet paper, I can’t help but remember going into the ladies room to find that not only was the toilet paper roll ‘restocked’ correctly: next sheet on the upper outside, but the the two corners of the next sheet were always folded down very neatly into a V. It kind of reminded of those fancy hotels that leave chocolates on your pillows because you know they always fold the two corners of the toilet paper sheet into that V. Otherwise, how could they possibly consider themselves one of those fancy-smancy (yes, another technical term) hotel that we all love?

I understand the benefit of that V fold! Finally!

Here goes…..and please pay attention because it is the single most important piece of information you will ever receive:

Folding those corners into a V makes it SOOOO much easier to grab that next sheet.

Why? you say.

Why is it easier?

Because, sometimes, when that in-the-middle-of-the-night so-pregnant-bathroom-trip arises and you are so completely exhausted that you don’t even turn on the light, that folded little corner is evidence of where the toilet paper starts because in your exhausted state, no-light-on bathroom trip, you can’t otherwise feel where the next sheet stars as it is stuck to the roll. So, now in your exhausted,  in-the-middle-of-the-night so-pregnant-gotta-go-to-the-damn-bathroom-again state, you end up ripping the roll right off the roll thingy because you can’t find the next available toilet paper sheet. And what the hell does ripping it of the roll thingy even help.

Geez, frustration with the two o’clock-in-the-morning-bathroom-visit , kids-gonna-wake-me-up-in-an-hour nightmare.

Do you get that?

That’s why it’s so important.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, I am going to bed.

Good night all.

And please don’t be scared to share your thoughts on the great toilet paper debate. All feedback is welcome, even encouraged.

Rest easy folks.

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